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  1. UPDATE for all you peoples here:
  2. ha. I didn't think of it so don't give the credit to me
  3. I know I was just wondering if the registering thing is working cause it seems like no register...ers EDIT: when I go home I'll appoint Mods
  4. need info on what to do about the forums. what kinda topics, threads, and forums do you want?
  5. thanks soooo I made a forum for OCR's use. Who's joining? EDIT: but of course this is all for KFC. If he doesn't like a forum.I'll delete it. I'll make him a mod or somethin'.
  6. There now anyone can post names:
  7. I don't know if this place will fulfill our needs...but there it is
  8. I think this place... EDIT: I just made one
  9. hmmm....I remember a friend made a forum... I dunno where or how but I think it had something to do with phpBB's website
  10. The MP3 I downloaded is 112kbps, but it actually sounds slightly more lo-fi than the bitrate would suggest. Some of the samples aren't too great. Especially the smash-clap-combo is pretty cheap and also quite repetetive. It's not bad though. But you're competing with Rayza... Good luck! yeah I gotta fix alot of stuff
  11. UPDATE: nothing really new. And the quality will still sound bad cause the hosting service but me on lo fi. GaMeBoX: I really like this mix. can't wait to hear more
  12. oh and Welcome AkumajoBelmont. I was hopping you would consider joinging this project. Your WIP is awesome now the problem is gonna be deciding which Hydrocity to choose from...
  13. wow...gone for an afternoon and all hell breaks loose... it's really sad too cause I really like Sadorf's stuff well guess that's his decision
  14. Blue Balls? naa Emerald Fusion? Chasing the Emeralds? Sonic Blur? Symphonic Sonic? Hedgehog Harmony? All these are from the S2 Project
  15. thanks. The EQ is the last thing I work on. (that and the volume levels) oh and Ichitootah: I love this mix (especially the drums). Great work.
  16. I think he's right... hey I want feedback too... edit: if the quality sounds bad it's cause the hosting service I used up my WIP days at VGmix so as soon as I'm ready, I'll post it there
  17. UPDATE:
  18. hmmmm....very interesting. That's the feel from the song I expected, when I thought of this song. I really like it the thing is: sometimes the main synth (guess it's a sax) sounds off key a little. Like the pitch went up. I know you probably intended it to be this way, but it sounds a little off when I hear it...kinda makes you think the guy played a wrong note or something. But if that's how it's supposed to be I have no problem with it. it's great nonetheless. To Darkesword: your mix is very smooth. I love teh synth that you used. Makes the feeling of the song perfect to that of the original and then some
  19. I figured I'd mainswell try. still a very rough WIP. Feedback muchas welcome
  20. Rexy: I get such a nice feel from this. Sounds like you've accomplished what you were going for.
  21. wtf?!!It's like somehow you knew I was starting on this song as well but I'm probably not gonna post it, it's just for fun mostly. All I could say is speed it up, cause this song was sort of an energetic song. I think the style would sound better for this song if it was different. EDIT: I'll post another WIP of my song as soon as I finish fixing some stuff. Inspiration slapped me in the face so I'll try and make it more rave like and stuff.
  22. *pulls out hair* someone tell me what's wrong with mine