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  1. I'm glad i requested this. i had the opportunity to hear the newest version at every stage of its development. I hope some of my feedback helped to make this what it is now. SysteManiac is deffinitely one of my favorite remixers on this site. he has some others that hes worked on and hasnt submitted yet....im sure they will get posted as soon as djp hears them. awsome song. i love the direction he took it. its a veritable splatteration of audible ecclectiosity!
  2. OH GOD... that mix is so fricking cool. it reminds me of nine inch nails or somthing similar.... i love that heavy mechanical beat throughout the whole mix....then where it quiets or fades out onlyt to come beck stronger..... Definitely one of the best non-typical peices on the site!!! Kudos to beatdrop!!!
  3. the cryosphinx was easy as (insert somthing very easy here) i killed it in just over an hour. i didnt even come close to dying...all you gotta do is use your summons and triptechs as well as use the chronocross every once in a while to recharge your elements
  4. in xenogears the last time you fight krelian right before you get xenogears. then you fight miang....those two are mean. especially if you dont know how to beat miang. i couldnt kill ozma. when i finally killed ruby weapon i kept that damn rose cause i didnt care about the chocobo.
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