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  1. The change-up at 1:25 is very nicely implemented, as are the heavier drums at 1:47 - I didn’t really feel that the drums were angry enough to support the vicious axe work at any other stage, though. But I guess you’ve done the original justice and that’s the ultimate compliment one can pay
  2. This is a shmup ReMix, so I was going to get around to DLing it sometime, but I gotta admit that the ECM reference(/reverence) hastened my decision somewhat . For the love of 2D is an ideal shmup mix, namely becuase it's solid, workman-like and could've easily graced any shooter from the olden days when games were hard and geeks were harder. Perhaps the only caveat is that when it is looped on it's own, despite an aggressive last 10-15 seconds, the end and the begining and the middle all seem one and the same - though I guess the hallmark of it's classyness is in it's ability to be continuousl
  3. They seem to have perfected the art of stadium rock without using an actual stadium
  4. Provided there's ever a KOF film adaptation djp feels proud to put his name to (given past instances of game movies, I bet we will be waiting a while...), this is undoubtedly the end credit track. Stylish and a little *too* manufactured, just like the 'street brawls' in KOF, heh. Very slick.
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