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  1. Very nice remix! Not as heavy as I'm used to from HHC, but stands up well on its own. Reminds me a lot of Candy Galy from IIDX Gold.
  2. Agreed. Then again, if we moved Dazed from 4th Mix to DDR Solo, 4F73R M3 could take its place. Maybe all the songs in one Bemani series should be put under the same game? Has this been discussed?
  3. Well, you wouldn't expect the Mega Man / Mario / Final Fantasy / Sonic / $HIGHLYREMIXEDGAME fans to come out of the woodwork, would you?
  4. It's like the bastard child of Hysteria and Schlagwerk. With 90% less "Oh, this is bad..." Great work as always. Much props to MCMtM too, that was a solid rap.
  5. Ooh, a nice new Flash Man remix. You know what I call this mix? I'm-a call it GetEquippedWithFigureBlade. Because that's what the organ reminds me of, an old school figureskating routine. It even echoes (at least for me) like that. What's weird (in a good way!) is how it starts really mechanized, and always has the electronic feel underneath, but still brings that aforementioned image up front with that sweet sweet skating organ, and the transitions back and forth between strings and organ and accompaniment are never...messed up, for lack of a better phrase. Did I mention I like the organ?
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