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  1. If this song wasn't accepted I don't think there'd be very many songs on this site, Great work. I especially loved the purcussion, harps, choir and every other instrument
  2. I love this one...it brings me back to my vacation paradise in Hawaii (it was a nice two weeks).... Anyways, It has several famous mario songs in it along with an abundance of instruments all equally realistic. You can also watch in your mind all of mario's history unravel as the song plays through. My rating: awsomely good.
  3. this. song. is. awsome. it has the perfect intro and all the sound effects and intrustruments blend together thoroughly. it also for some reason reminds me of an evil demon from hell taking over the world, but thats beside the point. the point is that this song is a five star and definitly desirves being on this site.
  4. I just registered now but I have been looking through this site for a while now and even made a good sized list of all my favorites...the only thing I have to say is that this one definitly hit the top five. Keep it up
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