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  1. Was it a metroidvania game? Only red and white robot I know is Curly
  2. Found it. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01249/ From Within. Now I can update my winamp collection.
  3. JC123

    Alien Swarm

    Not that I don't have it, it's just the fact that I have quite a few DVDs to make before I can start playing the game. *sigh* Such is the life...
  4. I currently have all of the files saved to a different location than what my torrent usually downloads to. Is there a way to redirect the torrent to a new location?
  5. JC123

    Alien Swarm

    This game looks good. The problem is that I don't have enough HD space to play it! GRRR!!!
  6. Howdy folks. Recently I've come across some old songs that were from OCRemix. The problem is that they are labeled wrong and I'm trying to find out who the artist was. My first song is a DKC song. Not sure of which one. It involves a duel guitar setup and I'm pretty sure that it came with a lyrical version. IIRC, the artist said he'd just gotten over a breakup and this song came to mind. I could either send someone the file or post it up on Youtube. Any help from anyone?
  7. Yes, I lurk a lot and usually don't give many comments. This is one of the newer ones and as a drummer myself, I would have loved to see more of the drums being used. Drums usually act as a baseline which holds the rest of a song together. While this song does have merit, it seems out of place on my laptop speakers not to hear something go *thump, thump, thump* I still feel this is a great addition to the OC family. The harmony is there and you can feel that synergy of everything coming together similar to a final boss battle. 7.5/10
  8. This is a very hard song to judge for me. I can't explain in words why I like it. But the emotions of serenity I get as for the past 4 minutes and 43 seconds I've listened to a song that literally clears my head of a rough day at work... awe inspiring. To me, it's a very powerful song that captures and keeps my attention. As it stands, it's something I use to mainly keep calm, meditate on the day, and just not think on the challenges of tomorrow. I sure hope there's more songs like this one that I've yet to discover. This song is why I like the acoustic guitar so much.
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