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  1. awesome. pretty similar to chopinesque kirby, but that song kicked ass, and so does this. i only wish it were longer.
  2. nice. i was getting sick of listening to all the techno i have saved over and over again and i finally found a new one i really liked. it would've been even better if you worked in the metal mario theme as well, though.
  3. nice. i love piano remixes, but some of them get a little repetitive. this one builds for the entire song and gets better and better. it really captures the mood of cosmo canyon well.
  4. wow, and i thought the original brought a tear to my eye... this is my new favourite remix.
  5. i'm working on it. i only have band in a box, though and this is my first time.
  6. Oh man, did Aryll's theme catch me by surprise! That made me like this song about 10 times better. Great stuff.
  7. I can't help but smile every time I hear this song. It's just that great. By far my favourite remix on the entire site.
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