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  1. I'd say chords are my forte, and I like all the strange open index bar chords with the ringing B and E notes. I hope this can give any potential mixers some ideas. This should work: http://phswan.googlepages.com/Viatabs.rtf And to Faduger, the original is an old grand piano playing a continuous progression of pretty arpeggios at a nice relaxed tempo, but it is a continuous loop. I think it has the broken record feel because, if I remember rightly, in the game Via Purifico is like a purgatory for the unsent, and is something that just continues forever... Also, the other vg theme reference a
  2. I respect everyones opinions, as it contributes to me becoming a better mixer, and I'm taking everything into consideration. Audity, I'm glad it works for you, because that's what I had intended when I was recording the guitar, something to chew on. If it doesn't work, then I hope that you can bypass it and appreciate the rest of the song as if it were your own The fact that I got to work with such talented collaborators is it's own reward and I congradulate them and their merits.
  3. Is it me or hath no one yet noticed the other vg theme reference at 1:10-1:12? Free cookie up for grabs for the winner...
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I really owe it to TO for his excellent work on the drums and Pixietricks insanely attractive voice, both did a great job pulling the song through the stages. Just to clarify, I did the arrangement, and recorded the piano, guitar and sequenced everything else. Regarding the guitar, I don't usually record the electric and I'm not the eldest or most accomplished guitarist here, but let's not get picky, not all mixes ya hear include both acoustic and electric guitar; and if you like it, we're friends I'm still playing religiously and it's been at least 6 months since I
  5. Hot diggity dayum, I've been waiting for months for this song to be posted! I was originally more a fan of the original mix you started with on the theme, but this mix has grown on me, and I think it's vast superior at this stage. I really have no faults with the nylon stringed guitar, a really polished feel and an almost perfect recording. (I wish I could achieve the same thing myself) 11/10
  6. This song is just plain awesome. Nice work again Quinn! Love the riff at 1:24, real smooth.
  7. Hoping to see more from the two of you. Too much of a good thing (ie jazz and rhodes piano) can be wonderful..and the violin daaaaamn hawt stuff by po! It's up there with Totoro's Groove..
  8. Verse: -0-----0-------0----0--------0----0--- -0-----0-------0----0--------0----0--- -9-----8-------9----8--------9----8--- -9-----9-------9----9--------9----9--- -x-----x-------x----x--------0----0--- -9-----9-------0----0--------x----x--- Chorus: -0-----0-----0-----0 -0-----0-----0-----0 -2-----4-----6-----8 -2-----4-----7-----9 -x-----x-----7-----9 -2-----4-----5-----7 -0-----0-----0 -0-----0-----0 -2-----4-----8 -2-----4-----9 -x-----x-----x -2-----4-----9 Electric Verse: -0-----0- -0-----0- -9-----8- -9-----9- -x-----x- -x-----x-
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, it's a great welcome to the site. You'll be glad to hear this is my last mix before I upgrade Home Studio 2002 to la Cubase SX 3 for xmas with a Roland VG-88 (and possibly Reason 3) The song was great to make. Since I don't have a decent sequencer, I made most of the electronic bits with my guitar effects pedal. For example, the screaming synth like things were done with a distorted wah patch and an e-bow, heh.. Anyways, thanks again for the warm reception, it's good to be here
  10. I loved this song the moment I first heard it on vgmix and still do to this day. This is a fine day when Sonic and breakbeat unite in harmony. Also, loving the usage of synths in the song, which bring back those memories. I've been listening to Caio's stuff for a while now, and this was a breakthrough in his sequencing, and his stuff just keeps improving. However, I still favour this one, he did a great job adding some jazzy influences into the composition, and the breakbeat drums were always a good idea. Nice work Caio!
  11. Well back to the song, BLiNd deserves every bit of respect has earnt over the years. The stuff just keeps getting more and more polished, the point of electronic euphoria. No flaws, a great, great mix, and just what Earthbound needed.
  12. This is probably the best FFVIII mix I've yet heard, the delayed piano and drums fit in almost too well in the song. Awesome stuff.
  13. This has to be one of the best songs I've yet heard from OCR. 1:17 - Genious. There's nothing I can flaw with this song as everything flows together seamlessly. All I can say is that it is very, very good. 'So-good-I-will-never-listen-to-another-song-again' type of good. Also, nice work with the time signature, it really makes a difference. Awesome stuff!
  14. Stunning, simply stunning. We need more of this! I can't emphasise how much I like this song, it sounds like something straight from the credits of an anime film...ok ok, I'll fourth that.
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