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  1. It's been a while since I've done a remix, so I thought I'd start something new. The source is 'A Song for an Eternal Story' from the Phantasy Star Online original soundtrack. This is one of my all time favorite video game pieces, and it is a mere 1:30 long but is a wonderful ambient composition. Enjoy, and feedback is appreciated: Neon Jupiter WIP Enjoy, Phil Also to note: RTF is a whiner.
  2. Your wisdom is much appreciated OverCoat. Update: - Extended Trix, with a new section. I had fun with that one. - New mix on Paris, less highs and I pulled the hi-hats down. Less attack on bell sample. - Random reverse/fade in vocode thing in 8Bit - Better encoding. Blue Satellite - EP1 Demo Enjoy
  3. UPDATE 1) Paris 2) Trix Demo 3) 8Bit Demo Hope you like. I have to say, my style has changed a little since I've joined OCReMix ha.
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it right now. Tempted to send it in. Otherwise, speak now or forever hold your peace etc...
  5. Final Fantasy X - Besaid Bliss V2.1
  6. Tepid is back since he has time on weekends this summer: Final Fantasy X - Besaid Bliss V1 Final Fantasy X - Besaid Bliss V2.1 (mediafire) Enjoy, Any ideas?
  7. I believe someone here is suffering from the 'imajerkus' disease.
  8. None taken, glad you registered. As I always say I'm still improving, and that song is over a year old now, so it's pretty unrepresentative of my performing now, but I do agree, when I look back and listen it's somethin that I could have worked on. I took up the piano 2 years ago to hide the fact I'm a fairly average guitarist, and it's been worth it in the long run. My usual style is finger picking but I've been playing a lot of leads in the last 8ish months, so in regards to the 'keep it up' comment, I've been taking guitaring viagra for the last year Thanks for your concern.
  9. Guitar Pro tabs for Tristram I think you can export MIDIs from them.
  10. Fantastic, the piano is akin to a firework display. The string synths and drums work fantastically well together. I actually like the synthy feel to the strings and accordian it reminds me a lot of the one battle theme from UNLIMITED SaGa (which is one of the highlights of the soundtrack). I'm now also envious of Karl's salary in addition to his talent, kudos to Mr B.
  11. ..stuff. Been listening to this in it's growing stages for a while and this has turned out to be a nice thumping piece. This guy has some real talent. I need to collab with him sometime
  12. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say ghkjgkjdffljgfkgfkhf. Honestly I don't know what was wrong with OCR before the content policy issue came up. It seems like it's causing more trouble then it's worth. But hey, I respect and trust djp/OCR so I will leave you to decide what's best for the site. As long as your intentions are good I don't see any reason why it should cause any problems. Haha, and to Shael, one day I hope to meet you and your majestic groin.
  13. ...it's Streets of Rage 2, so it automatically kicks ass. Not to mention some fantastic mixers in collaboration. The organ solo is my favourite part so kudos to zircon, who's tone was simply B4 II. As for the critics, stop ya whinin' foo's!
  14. All I can really say is mega, mega talent and production values. Additionally, my favorite aspect of the song (even though everything sounds fantastic) is the intricacy of the bass line. It's not often that so much detail is put into something that most people overlook when mixing, and it has the smoothness and porto of a novation bass-station, and the harmonic richness of a fretless. Awesome job, I feel dirty for not paying for this
  15. OMG TEPID GOES DANCE... This is kinda remix of a remix. I used some vocals from an Incubus arrangement of my dear friend at snr high, who was doing a funk mix of an Incubus track. I took the .wavs home, hyperprocessed em and shoved em in Cubase, with some beets, piano and bass from FL and Reason. The end result, a vanilla vocalized dance track, enjoy: http://phswan.googlepages.com/Incubus-01.mp3
  16. Welcome back Ziwtra, Your Rain In Chicago (Blue Fields) mix is still one of my favorites here. This is no exception, the atmosphere and ambiance is relaxing and the production is bright and very tight. There's a lot of thought and creativity in the mix whilst maintaining a pseudo-minimalism. This actually sounds a lot like something outta the Square Enix Bootlegs they've been releasing, most of it being melodic electronic pieces. Verdict: SEXCELLENT
  17. lol I worked with Blad. His music is appreciated in England aswell.
  18. Great control of yo samplez. Not to offend or otherwise over compliment you, but this is hands down Linkin Park with acoustics. This site always benefits from new acoustic geetar sexcellency, and here we have it.
  19. I'm a big fan of the FFX soundtrack, and I absolutely love this mix. There's a nice fullness to the instrumentation, and the performances are spot on. Muchos beunos kudos.
  20. Damn flawless coming out of my speakers, very good work. Personally, I don't think a real guitar would've worked in such an electronic environment, and would have to be extremely well mixed for you to pull it off. It seems live instruments like the electric guitar stick out like a sore thumb unless the intonation and performance is perfect. Still, there's plenty of guitarists you can ask for help, however, this mix is just plain solid as it stands. And it's not like you used FL Slayer haha. Good luck sequencing/recording the 3rd album.
  21. Jill, you never cease to amaze me with your vocals. U R SO GOOD! I have absolutely no problems with the mix, the vocals are crisp and the ESSSS's tickle my ears (in a good way). As for the drums, excellent work, there's a lot more effort put into these drums than most mainstream hip-hop producers would put into theirs. Lazy professional bums. Last section is a nice highlight, and the haunting vocals give me goosebumps. Awesome work!
  22. Ehmmm...sounds good, I'll be checkin it out. The mix is nothing short of exceptional, and Megaman is the perfect soundtrack for a shred fest. Exactly what I'd expect from a guitar tutoring composist, and now that you've dived into some solid electronic sequencing, you've pretty much got it all. Nice job, looking forward to a third mix, which you could easily pull from another DoD competition, but I wouldn't mind hearing more electronic/guitar stuff!
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