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  1. Sounds cool so far man, reminds me of Metal Gear. It's a creative use of the source. The only thing I can suggest at this point is that you have something else going on in the center of the mix. I'm saying this because the robotic FX are panned hard left, glitchy loop hard right, and the center sounds like just the kick drum/loop, which are pretty low end (I love the bass pulses of course). I was gunna post my 8 Bit Weapon mix on the WIP forums, but I'm not sure I will since it's part of the competition, and I'm sure the people giving feedback will not want your mix to become too great ha.
  2. I'd say "any number of entries" would suggest that there's no limit. I'm workin on 'Tricky Game.'
  3. don't worry about it. I did a butt load of work on the song and zircon said it sounded good.
  4. Thanks for the feedback man. I will plan on extending the intro and working on the drums. Unfortunately, electro never usually has complicated drums, so I'm not sure what to do with the drums, aside from additional loops/percussion. It's getting there...
  5. Jewbei, this is sick. I can tell that over the years you've been refining your mastering skills, and this is a good representative of where you're at right now. I can hear the Chicane influence that someone mentioned earlier. As for improvements, I don't have much to suggest. Maybe one thing you can work on is the first lead synth. It could be a little thicker (maybe doubling/chorus), and if you could tighten the portamento at all (it could be the delay that's throwing me off) that would be great. I actually like the second synth a lot and it sits nicely in the mix, so that one is fine. Good w
  6. fixed, there was a space at the end of the code. Hope it works for you now.
  7. Man, you're worse than me at finishing WIP's haha. The remix is hot (just like anything you've ever done), so I can't wait until you finish it, or call it finished. Can't really give you any suggestions, because I like it so much.
  8. Thanks. I didn't realize it was in the advanced settings. All is well, and I updated the mix.
  9. Alright, notes taken (I can be pretty OCD about obvious typos, so my apologies). I'm working the mix right now, trying to add some variety, and even put in a guitar solo. I'll post the update shortly. Edit: I realized the thread is now titled: 'he Legend of Zelda.' FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  10. Thanks for merging the threads, didn't know what I was doing earlier.
  11. After downloading the most recent torrent at OCR, I'm starting to get back into the site. Last time I checked the Workshop Feedback was called WIP: Remixes haha. This started as an OLRemix with farts, but turned out too good so I decided I'd work towards an OCReMix. Anyway, this is a dirty electro take on Gerudo Valley, inspired by Japanese/French electro artists: SUBBED* UPDATED MIX: - Lots of new stuff including guitar solo. - Newest update includes a better mix, EQ'ing and a new pad at the end. - Extended intro - More work on drums - Some overall EQ'ing on mix - More EQ'ing
  12. dang man, I agree. Your remixes are awesome, finish them!

  13. It's been a while since I've frequented the OCR forums, so I thought I'd leave a treat. If any of you remember me, I used to write cheesy guitar/piano ballads but now I'm working on electronic/new wave music. I recently got signed to an indie label in Japan (thanks myspace) so I may have an album out this summer I had a PSO remix in the works, but I don't think it's my best effort so I never finished it. I was planning on starting a new PSO collab with the masterful zircon, so I'm pretty psyched about that. I'd like to do some more remixes now that the summer is here. Here's three of my songs
  14. I only whine because I care, sir. Sounds good so far. The only thing that I think would be worth changing is the panning on the snare drums, as it seems to be more left heavy. Also, the brainwashing synth that ascends at 1:15 disappears. I said it was uncomfortable, but I like it in moderation, so I wouldn't mind hearing it a little louder at that point.
  15. Hey, I've been doing original electro music for a while and thought I might share some of it with you. Most of it is in progress, so bear with me while I continue to work on it. My influences are artists such as datA/Dimension/JUSTICE/Masashi Hamauzu... You can find my music on myspace, so please ADD ME and here's a little something I wrote today called Trix Pt. Duex. This is because a sampled some synth chords from a Japanese fusion band called Trix. Enjoy, Phil
  16. Thanks, I'll get to work on it soon. That's some good feed.
  17. Excellent Sam. You are THE man.
  18. but I'm still not sure what I should do with the mix haha.
  19. Great mix. Well mixed/produced and very spacious and tranquille. I don't see why you shouldn't submit since it's most definitely not another Ice Cap mix, but rather an Ice Cap mix from an alternate universe whereby the theme is completely different. This is most acceptable.
  20. This is a really creative take on Kirby, and in my opinion it's OCR worthly. I love the blend of 8Bit and more recent synths, and it's the kind of remix I'd like to hear in a newer game. The glitchy synths/drums are well programmed and are really interesting to listen to. I have to agree the ending is abrupt, but you can fix that pretty easily. One other thing is regarding your panning. The 8bit drums sound mostly centre panned, and I was wondering if you could test out a spatializing plug somewhere in the mix to make them more stereo, so they're not always focused in one place. It's still a p
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