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  1. If they're not already in the game, I'd recommend a few tracks from the Guilty Gear series. A lot of the songs from the Guilty Gear series are probably considered more hard rock than metal, but the tracks I'm thinking of has a lot less 'melody' than the other ones: Bloodstained Lineage, Feel a Fear, and A Solitude That Asks Nothing in Return.
  2. Well, I've got 10 characters and I don't really have a major one I play as, so all the titles that aren't account-based would be so incredibly time-consuming that I don't bother. I'm already trying to get every skill for each character's primary which involves a lot of progression in each campaign for elite caps or a lot of PvP and farming to get elite tomes for unlocked elites via Balthazar faction, so I've got my hands plenty full as is.
  3. If it's not, that kid should get props for runescape sledding skills. (Seriously, it's impossible to control your character in that game.)
  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=f8jf_gaQ0GI Even better runescape action. EDIT: But back on topic, yeah, that was a silly video...sledding? Did the controls of runescape improve enough so that you don't go chopping down every tree you see instead of moving where you want to? Because I don't see how sledding is even possible.
  5. Servers really don't make a difference; you can just meet up in an international district to play with people on a different country/continent server than you. The only time I can think of them actually do mattering is for UW/FoW, in which there's passage scrolls now so even that can be done.
  6. I agree, titles that don't give you any bonus are a waste of time. However, I did like the unlucky title track, I just wish it would give some sort of bonus like the lucky one does.
  7. Eh, I've seen people debate their effectiveness in PvP; most say that elementalists do their shouts better and that rangers have better spikes/dps. PvE-wise, deaths have been rare for me: all of the deaths I got as a Paragon are one when I went afk after I first made him (I don't care about the survivor title) and then all subsequent ones happened in the Domain of Fear trying to cap Stunning Strike.
  8. Wow I didn't really look too much at the PvE skills, so the new Paragon ones actually make me want to play my paragon again.
  9. The final, final 1-on-1 fight at the very end of FF7 against Sephiroth.
  10. True, I started doing a HM Halcyon Job farm for a while; you can easily solo all the assassins at the beginning of the quest (forget the halcyon, just go straight to the upper-north part) before you approach the Lord Senku or whatever his name is; there's at least 27 Luxon assassins, and w/ HM using a simple Rt/E VwK build and using Armor of Earth and Stoneflesh Aura (I think, i dunno) the assassins will die really fast. They drop gold luxon armors like nothing, and lockpicks come out at a fairly decent rate too; and 90% of the time there's at least one chest, so you can go for whatever is in that too if you're rich enough (which I'm not).
  11. Haven't played too much recently in the past 4 months due to ANet nerfing solo farming and thus causing massive disinterest to play in my Guild, thus causing me to not have anyone to play with. Although some of my guildies did switch to another (and more active) guild, I still haven't played much because work and the fact that my laptop backlight is pretty much dead and I have to steal the monitor of my parents' PC to use my computer. Anyway, here's my characters: Axlrod Gunnarson - 20 Mo/stuff Stella Soulcatcher - 20 R/stuff Look Im Emo - 20 N/stuff Freya Evangeline - 20 W/stuff Zoe Lilas - 20 Me/stuff The Afflicted Huan - 20 E/stuff Belah Belladonna - 20 A/stuff Elijah Engelhand - 20 Rt/stuff Like Isis - 20 D/stuff Ecco the Dolphin - 20 P/stuff Others: Gonna Sting You - 20 Me/W (PvP character) Mule of Nosferatu - 20 E/something (extra storage)
  12. Honestly I have to agree with you, even when I was doing the whole indie/emo scene (thank goodness I'm out of that) I can't say I ever actually liked Modest Mouse. Yes, I listened to them too. From my experience, all emos I knew were fakes (myself included) because we either just wanted attention, had a lot of 'pain' we just kinda made up to make other people pity us, or wanted a girl who liked the indie/emo boys. Yes, there are real people with real pain out there; but a good deal of the emo heartache (regardless of how 'indie' it is or not) is easily as fabricated as mainstream pop; I'd say there are plenty of fake indie/emo bands on myspace who are only indie/emo because of the image it supplies and the instant fanbase it seems to give. In that respect it seems that the image of an indie/emo band is just as important as the image of a pop artist/band. Personally, I think you've got the right mindset, I think people hating pop music stems from the whole idea of liking an indie band because they're indie. 75% of the people I've met and gotten to know who are die-hard indie fans haven't actually listened to other forms of music, mostly because they're so closed-minded due to their indie=best regardless of quality mindset. Whether or not you agree with me, this has been what I've encountered. While some people (don't remember who) can argue that there is no true indie genre, but what about the so-called 'indie' record labels?
  13. IIRC, They also make at least two references to sea turtles. And what's with the running joke with peanuts?
  14. Yes, the movie was full of the characters plotting against each other, backstabbing, unclear motives, etc. I'd say it was probably worse than the convolution of the second one; it sheds light onto most of the major character's motivations and overloads you with them; in regards to the first post, the three motivations thing from the second movie is kind of dropped, but instead there's like 5-7 now. The action scenes in this one seem to take the backburner; the second movie had several (maybe too many) over the top battles (dislodged and free rolling water wheels, etc) and the most this movie gets (spoilers)is an interestingly timed wedding ceremony with a gratuitous Matrix-esque slow motion wedding kiss with a full 720-1080 degree camera pan, all in the midst of two ships spinning around the center of a maelstrom.
  15. Spoilers for after credits and me expanding upon them: It's 10 years later, and Elizabeth and a 9-10 year old son go to the edge of a cliff, where they await Will's return. The sunsets and does the green flash and you see Will riding in on the Flying Dutchman. I'm assuming this will complicate things if there's going to be sequels; it kind of killed what I thought would've been the natural progression of the story based on what they left at the end of the movie. (that is, Will attempting to become a normal human again (I mean, the green flash is rumored to happen when a dead person comes back to life, and the Flying Dutchman dissapears with a green flash...) or Elizabeth attempting to become immortal using the Water of Life stuff that Jack was looking for at the very end). Overall I thought it was good, although I personally found the ending pretty dissatisfying; Everything that I didn't want to happen did, and it leaves a bunch of loose ends.
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