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  1. I got the Wii U. It's a good system, though I'm more partial to Playstation. I just hope they get on board with more developers.. though they're collaborating with Atlus on some stuff, which makes me happy.
  2. Anyone remember Culex from Mario Rpg? lol
  3. I'd have to say that guy at the end of Ninja Gaiden II.
  4. How about a sig for me? Umm, anything with Gendo Ikari and maybe like Rei Ayanami would do. If you decide to, could you please put the name Gendo Ikari in Metallic Robotic letters? I've never made a sig, but maybe I'll learn someday.
  5. Ya I use flame a little too liberally but still I don't like Bubble Bobble
  6. Hey don't flame me.. I never got to the end. I don't have time to spend as a stupid dinosaur eating food.
  7. Lol, I didn't even know Bubble Bobble had a final boss.
  8. I'm going to go with Luca Blight from Suikoden II. I confronted him with a party of six of my strongest, and he beat them. (I lvled these guys like I had no future) And then a second wave of six of my guys, a fierce battle ensued, and again, Luca was the victor. My third party rode into battle, and he wiped five of the six members out. I survived with one person (Nanami) and was like "Ohhh damn.. I lived?"
  9. What about Ruby Weapon in FF7? He was a real bitch. Also the last boss in EarthBound was a real bitch. And you can't forget Luca Blight in Suikoden II.
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