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  1. All I can say is wow. This peice is wonderfull, from the begging to the end. At first you have a slight sadness to the melody, then it picks up and just...wow. Great work with this one, I listen to it every night.
  2. This song..its... just..the only way I can describe it is truly beautiful. I can't even continue to put it in words. Very VERY well done, thank you for such a wonderfull song.
  3. I liked this peice alot. It is very strong feeling song..only way I could think to put it. I listend to the origanl for hours and now this one for just as long. Very good work.
  4. I love this song. I listen to it every night. It is such a sad song in the way that if you have played the game you just can't help but feel sorry for link. He and marin were such good freinds and it turns out she was just a dream. I loved the orginal gameboy version of the song and this one just touched me. It is a wonderful song, the waves add a nice touch as well. Hats off to you in making this song.
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