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  1. This is one of the songs that makes aneurysm who they are. I love that intro, you never see it coming. Great drum work.
  2. When pretzel said that monologue was whack, he wasn't kidding. The first minute the music I didn't even recognized to be related to the origional. Throw in that crazy lady ( i say crazy because i have no other way to describe the voice echo's) I found this piece to be an insult to the origional and now have a firm belief that, like one winged angel, this piece should never have been remade.
  3. *bumpo* Might have been said in the some 100 pages of random jabberings, but sephiroth in kingdom hearts is a bitch. It took me 20 level ups (lvl 65 to level 85) before i beat him and thats beforei learned the key trick and using some 6 elixers within the battle. I got it down to only 2 now, but still.
  4. I'll get this out of the way. I've always gotten comments about the screename 1. i truly don't care 2. best excuse to insult your name if i want to without threat of comeback 3. by all means shorten it, I recommend DCAMID or Id screename out of the way, a little about me. Found the site through Flash Flash Revolution first song i Downloaded i believe was the aquatic interlude in the first super mario. My current favorite Galvanised Boss (ffvii) I'm a webcomic junkie, which might possibly explain my soon to be placed [edit]signature[/edit, stupid 40x40 pixel avatar size] if anyone has read I also like Ctrl Alt Del, Nuklear Power (8-bit theater for those that know it as such), A modest destiny(, and Girly (lesbians *drool*) I've helped Admin 2 RPG Forum sites, one i quit the other I'm breaking from because the summer has me too busy. Now for the Icebreakers I used to live on the corner of Gay Dr. and Cumings Ln. before Gay turned into Briar Rd. And I work at Dairy Queen, which is also on Gay Dr. I graduated this year, starting a new tradition of putting mardi Grai Beads on the principle, seriously. They were giving him pennies. What the fuck?!? (sorry if thats one of those lines but hey i got a couple stikes before anything major right?)things had to be changed. I think thats it.