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  1. Gray Fox beats Loning twice. Good games, man. EDIT: And Falchion and I went 1 and 1. Again, good games.
  2. I listened to this back when it was a WIP...I loved it then, and love it now. Gotta love the way Rayza can work those beats. By the way, the country name samples were a very nice touch - something I wouldn't have thought of, that's for sure. Keep up the good work! Maybe some more Streets of Rage next time.
  3. I never saw potential in Mean Bean Machine's music, really. Then I heard Jivemaster's take on it. Let me just say I was quite pleasantly surprised with the result. This song's got everything I could want (and more!) from a Sonic spin-off remix, or even a Puyo Pop remix, or just a puzzle game remix in general. The intro is amazing, and just sucks you in for a great ride. Stuck this on a CD and pumped up the bass in my car; such a fun song!
  4. Great techno track from one of my favorites (Sonic music + Jivemaster = GREATNESS); I always liked the regular tunage on Flying Battery Zone, until I heard this. Amazing work, totally hardcore take on a great song. Especially at 1'10 and 2'21, where the "chorus" line comes in. It flows, it lays down the beats, and it rocks hardcore. As Bill & Ted may say, "Excellent!"
  5. Quite possibly my favorite rock remix on this site, just because it's Guile done right. For me, the song just screamed for electric guitar; I couldn't have picked a better instrument, nor better playing. Very well done guitar. Everything else just accentuates it, especially after about 2'50. Amazing work.
  6. I love this song, and the flute really isn't so bad...everything flows really well, and I'd actually go so far to say that the flute adds a bit of personality to the piece. Although I wonder; texx, you ever going to make that remade version?
  7. Absolute worst boss for me...Nightmare fight 3 (in Devil May Cry). I was stuck on that boss for months, literally. I started another save afterwards on Hard...yeah, I haven't even fought him, I'm pretty much scared to. And that was a year ago. Love the game...HATE that boss...and MAN is the sword-wielding boss in that game fun! (can't remember the name right now...)
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