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  1. this has to be one of the most unique songs I have ever heard...its silly...wierd...and its definetely unusual...but I give it a 10/10! I love this remix! It just wont leave me alone for some reason. Its got so much variety and overall quality. NICE!
  2. Now this is a REMIX!!!! YEAH! I love it! It sounds so awesome with a perfect mix of fast pace beat and a slow relaxing tune that just forces me to give this remix a 10/10 yeah! It sounds so wonderful throughout. the beggining almost made me loose intrest...but 9 seconds into it...I was in remix heaven! awesome!
  3. When a remix gives me a vivid image in my head while I listen to it...I'ts because its good! I swear...this is pretty damn awesome! The crazy piano sounds awesome, just like Mario RPG's Waltz of pain! This is by far one of my favorite piano remixes. 9/10
  4. This is awesome! Remixes like this is the reason why Visit this site! This song reminds me of a RPG bossfight...I think that RPGs should have a lot more different music tracks for different bossfights...this would go perfect with the Black Dragon bossfight in Chrono Cross! I love the mix of electic Guitar and the errie sound that the other instruments give...I give this remix a 9/10... Great stuff!
  5. Man I love this music!! Seriously...It gave me vivid images in my head...and I actually draw better when I listen to this remix...It sounds perfect...I'm actually making a story that has been inspired by this song...Its that good...please keep it up...I give this song a 10/10. I love the whole thing from beginning to end! especially near the end where the song is past the climax.
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