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  1. Greetings!!

    I was listening to your track 'Final Fantasy 6 Terra In Black' for the millionth time and i was curious as to whether i could grab some guitar tabs from that song. I'd love to learn it on guitar and was curious as to whether it was possible to grab some.



  2. What about a J-rock Dico-anime wankfest like I'd make it? Challenge accepted. But I'll pick the games myself, thanks.
  3. Hell yeah. Some deep-fried taco action. MMM...
  4. So, I was noodling aound here wondering if I should post this YouTube video I made or not, since I hadn't really been hanging out here for ages. I noticed a few threads where people (pretty understandably ) seem to think I vanished off the face of the earth or something around 2002. I didn't. I've done over 30 game remixes, not counting the PMM/OUS stuff. I stoppoed submitting music to OCR for a whole lot of reasons that over time all either resolved themselves or became irrelevant. I've been meaning to submit some stuff here for quite a while now, but haven't because I think most of my recent work hasn't deviated enough from the source material to be OCR-appropriate. At some point I'll start sending stuff in again. I just haven't yet. So like I said, I've done a whole bunch of stuff, which can be had at www.ailsean.net And if you've ever wondered what I look like or just wanted to make fun of a headbanging wookie in a suit (seriously, who hasn't?), here's that video I mentioned: Hope to see and meet lots of new folks at MAGFest 5!
  5. Flawless? The snare sample, while the best I had at the time, was pretty weak. Get the new version and compare. http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=933
  6. I'm glad for all the positive responses this song has garnered since I made it. I like knowing I've made some people happy Thanks! Also, I wanted to link to the update, so people can hear that version as well, so here's a copy/paste of my post from the "in-progress and completed" forum: Normally I wouldn't go spamming a new release on messageboards, but I still get e-mail from people who like the old version of this song, and they rarely know there's a "completely re-made-from-scratch-and-much-better" version because it wasn't handily available for download for very long. So I figured I'd link to the updated version. The Knights Come Marching Home... Again
  7. Yeah, this really NAILS that "switched on Bach" feel of being simultaneously so cheesy and so amazingly cool it's disturbing. I LOVE the gated bits and little squeaks. They serve well to point to bazooie's sense of the melody of the original. It's especially interesting to me because I've been working on this tune as well, and have heard a take Mustin did on it, and it's very cool IMO how, from the constant barrage of eigth-notes in the original, each person seems to pick out different bits as the "melody" (obviously I'm referring to the upper parts, not the bass melody). Also, I really dig the kind of Casio-ish drums. They sound nicely understated, and anything else would be over the top and not fit well IMO. Anyway, great work on this one.
  8. Not economical my arse. If this thing wasn't a complete heaping pile of out-of-tune and porrly played garbage, it still could have been on PMM. But let's face it, the thing sucks. The guitar is badly out of tune, it's full of wrong notes (not changed notes mind you, but obviously "I THINK this is how the song goes" type rot). And to say that the production values are lackluster would be a compliment. Definitely worth a download to hear how NOT to produce a song.
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