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  1. To be honest, I was really excited to see a mix of Ganon's Temple (my favorite piano piece to play) on the main page, by The N-squad, no less. Sahasralah's Homecoming was a great piece that I didn't expect out of a jazz mix. My ears would perk up everytime it came around on the playlist, but this song was much more ambient, almost neutral in that sense. I can tell that there's a lot going here, but the more obscure harmony and more pronounced "freestyle" brought it off my playlist fairly quickly.
  2. Nope. It doesn't matter who submits what. Judges judge music, not people. So does that mean my tanned, muscular figure won't affect their decision either? Dammit.
  3. It's ironic that this mix was so debated by the panel because it would be accepted in an instant if it were submitted by anyone besides a judge. Although I don't necessarily disagree with their holding their own to higher standards, I don't think you can do much more with a techno mix like this than has already been done...good voice integration, solid transitions, an all-around good piece. Sure it's not the best, and Shariq has a ton of great mixes on the site, but especially considering that it's the first X2 mix, I don't see why it shouldn't have been a unanimous decision. There really is no such thing as a "perfect" techno mix, but this one is certainly better than others.
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