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  1. I'm not sure what grammatical rule you're thinking of. Direct objects are always optional. They clarify, and are often necessary to communicate a specific idea, but the subject + predicate is absolutely fine as a sentence -- especially when one wants to emphasize the intrinsic action of the verb used. Sincerely, Noah Webster
  2. Aw man, I gave my friend the original on DVD for Christmas. Now I feel like I gave him an outdated gift. Or, classic...let's call it classic. Different can be good. Let's see how it goes, then bitch about the CGI ruining it. DAMN YOU JAR JAR!
  3. Furthermore, if it's just a celebrity or something, you have a fair amount of leeway. They'd have to prove actual malice for anything you did, since they're a public figure. Usually, however, it never gets beyond a cease and desist letter unless your work gets really popular.
  4. I sympathize with the anti-Apple sentiments, but the Zune may not be a great way to go. Surprise. I used an Archos Gmini 402 camcorder for about 2 years, and loved it until the battery decided to randomly become engorged and break out of the casing. Archos wanted $80+ to fix it, I wanted to know what the hell happened. Bad battery, they claimed. Really. Conversely, I got an ipod shuffle for Christmas this year, and the second time I tried to upload a playlist, I found 160+ megs of "other files" that I couldn't remove or find -- a not uncommon problem, apparently. The thing that really irks me about it, however, was Apple's lack of an explanation. They simply suggest restoring the ipod. Which, really, is what I've always disliked about Apple -- the whole "user friendly" attitude that supersedes my nerdy desire to understand my machine. I guess hippies love it though, so *shrug*. Moral of story: my old Emerson CD player with built-in FM transmitter ($20) is still the sexiest piece of music hardware I've ever owned. Lasted 6 years before the motor finally couldn't turn discs anymore.
  5. I wish people would just change the definition of irony so this discussion would never happen anymore and we could use talking president heads for more productive purposes, like AIDS.
  6. Personally, I thought it was hilarious, then hilarious x2 because of the knee-jerk reaction and huge-ass quote from a medical textbook. Live Strong, Thin Crust. Live Strong.
  7. I might also recommend The Long Halloween. It's pretty self-contained, and it might be especially interesting right after watching TDK. Hopefully it'll whet your appetite enough to go from there.
  8. Yeah, location can be a pretty big factor. I've seen it in Long Beach and Irvine (IMAX) here in Southern California, so that's probably a big part of why it's so packed here.
  9. Dude...have you heard about this movie? It's broken every box office record for everything ever, plus inventing new ones to break. Yeah, you might need to get tickets a bit more than 40 minutes ahead. (mainly I'm just bitter because this fatass and his whore girlfriend wouldn't move over one seat so my buddy and I could sit together.)
  10. This is quite ignorant, to say the least. DVDs supplanted VHS tapes relatively quickly for a variety of reasons, but some of the most important ones to the average consumer were the smaller size, the ability to choose scenes, no rewinding, vastly increased storage capacity for more content and so forth. Higher quality is certainly a part of that, but it's just ludicrous to say Blu Ray to DVD is just like DVD to VHS. Even with all of the very cool benefits that Blu Ray offers, it is still perceived as simply a slightly higher quality DVD. As Overflow and others have said, it'll take quite a while for people to spend thousands of dollars upgrading their systems just for that.
  11. Any collection of Sherlock Holmes is a winner. The old radio dramas with the aforementioned Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce are really well-done, and any audiobook read by a Brit usually does me good.
  12. Hopefully Canadian dollars. The whole dollar to rupee exchange rate is really tanking at home right now I hear.
  13. AAC is all well and good, but I too am still waiting for a good FLAC to become widely popular. Again, like other, I find MP3 tolerable to the point where it's not worth converting my music library to AAC just for a marginal difference. I have used two non-ipod MP3 players, and I much prefer being able to trim songs (like live tracks I want the clapping and talking out of) without having to convert them. (Although Audacity might support AAC...but whatever.) Bottom line, FLAC is a big enough jump to make me turn my head, but it's not supported quite enough yet for me to realistically sacrifice the convenience of MP3. AAC is fine, but still limited enough to keep me from selling out to it.
  14. I found it towards the end of '03, when it was still gloriously blue. I remember an initial fear that I had to download all the cool songs (on 56k, mind you) before they disappeared from the front page, lest they escape into the daunting blue oblivion.
  15. Now, see, you went and said "hella", which means you are, in fact, missing something, but not involving SSBB.
  16. Sakurai must have found an exceptionally good brothel this week.
  17. Yeah, I guess we should all be SO happy for precious little DJP and all his "hard work" fixing the "free remix stores" and stuff. Thanks a whole bunch for all your "hard work" little guy. -Bill the needlessly spiteful pirate
  18. People please, can't you see this video game is tearing the family apart?
  19. My favorite example of these is catching items. Nothing better than to stand there and let someone chuck a bob-omb at you and then grab it and wing it back before they know wtf happened. Course, it's really hard when I haven't done it in a while. Which makes it less impressive when I get all blowed up like.
  20. Yeah, it was basically like Rowling was beating us over the head with "only a TRUE GRYFFINDOR could pull that sword out of the sorting hat" and then Neville pulls it out and we're like, "oh, I guess that's why Neville's in Gryffindor, it all makes sense now." So, I thought some of it was a little heavy-handed, but still a good read.
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