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  1. Oh. I always called those "spikes." Well I can't very well buy the game now, can I?
  2. I'm pretty sure, judging from the pictures and descriptions, that you can only do it when they're on the ground. Obviously I don't know for sure, but I think they're smart enough to know how insane it would be if you could just jump off anyone's head (OMGZP3N12!!!) in midair. But who knows.
  3. Animal Crossing? Well, it's something different. Can't say I'll be the first one saying "Guys guys, it's almost 8, let's all go play Brawl on Saturday night!"
  4. That, my friend, is very much up for debate right now. Good rule of thumb: When you are the only one that considers something you do as "an endearing character trait", it's not.
  5. Glad I'm not the only one.
  6. I had a Thoracoscopy a few years ago because of some serious fluid builup in my right lung. I was losing mobility of my torso and couldn't run. Thank God for laprascopic procedures though. I got outta the hospital in a couple days (after lying there with a tube in my lung sucking out the residual fluid for the first two days) and, even though I missed my baseball season that year, was pretty much fully recovered within a month. All that to say, your recovery time will hopefully be short as well, and surgeons are cool.
  7. Is that a hyrule castle stage I saw in one of those shots?
  8. Hm. To me, the idea of four different people playing four different styles is intriguing. Sure, one will probably trump the others as far as popularity, but it'd be interesting to see some psychos who were both incredible with their own style going against each other. Although, I really can't imagine how just the wii remote could be as fast as the gamecube controller.
  9. Yeah, although it would be nice if they didn't make yoshi fodder for all the good players this time around. Nothing more satisfying in SMB 64 than pooping players off the edge in an egg.
  10. The downsides: I have a convertible '83 stang (with even less power than the similar 3.8 that's in your car). The convertible, being heavier, means that you're probably going to have even less giddyup than the coupe that you're probably used to. This, combined with the slightly troubling 80k miles on the car, means don't expect to be overly impressing anyone other than your girlfriend with the car's handling and suspension. Also, what color is the top? White convertible tops are a straight up bitch to maintain, so get black if at all possible. You'll be glad in two years. The upsides: It's a Mustang. The chassis isn't exactly orgasmic, but the lines on the '03 are still nice. Parts are generally easy to find, and you can always check junkyards since they're so popular if you need minor stuff. Also, it's a Mustang. Fun to drive around even if it doesn't have the behemoth 4.6, and with your "pimp" R rims, you'll be the envy of every Jerry and Jane on the block in no time!
  11. Red Vines dipped in white chocolate.
  12. That sucks. Like, totally, a way lot. He was all up in my top five of remixers. Yo.
  13. High quality stuff. Good use of crescendos, especially.
  14. Since I came to college, I've gotten pretty good at Melee, using mainly Peach, Mewtwo, Ganon and Luigi. I pride myself on being able to use over half the characters well, though. This semester, however, my suitemates brought an N64 with SSB, and it's really strange. They, of course, love that one much more because the learning curve is a lot shorter than SSBM. Spiking people with Ness or Kirby is way too easy. However, I've started playing it a lot too, and it's really fun because of the straightforward nature of the game. Sure, it's way unbalanced, but that just makes it even cooler when I kill Kirby with DK. Melee is still the best, though. Now that I can FINALLY fend off my friend with Sheik (so queer) it's gotten a lot more enjoyable. We're having a tournament this summer, hopefully. PS NINTENDO, make the HP level adjustable!
  15. Love it. The multi-lingual lyrics, while sometimes irksome, are generally successful. Listened to this quite a few times on the drive back to Los Angeles last week.
  16. I thought I caught something that almost sounded like Beauty and the Beast similarities in there. I suppose it's coincidental...? (esp. 4:15 ff)
  17. HaWWtz! The first font would look even more amazing perhaps if it had a sort of "sheen" on it, almost as if you had paused the X intro screen right as the words go "ka-ching" and shine all purty like. Hotness +1.
  18. I cant find an "emo" picture of the two standing back to back. How about you provide the source image you would like one of us to use. All I could find was: Oh and *bump* That's actually better than the one I had in mind. A darker, almost matte background and the circus-y tag would be just incongruous enough to work. The image might have to be shrunk a little, though.
  19. Some kind of circus-y font with my handle over a lame emo picture of X and Zero back to back. Blue is preferred, but other dark colors are great. I'll give you .03 if I like it, .02 if I don't.
  20. If anyone can attractively combine Woodchucks and Megaman and/or Zero into a sig, you'd win my undying gratitude. Perhaps something with a slightly anime feel to it, but with the absurdity of the woodchuck quite overt. Easy, right?
  21. This is now my favorite song from OCR. The piano and percussion just combines to create the exact atmosphere of the family trip-thing you were going for. Wow. Just plain good.
  22. I completely agree. When your skill level rises and you can get some good control over your voice, I would absolutely, positively want you to come back to this and rerecord your vocs. It deserves the attention. Exactly. Please, it really does have a lot of good elements (arrangment and harmonies work well, IMO) but please, think about taking some vocal lessons (or get a hot girlfriend with a good voice to sing it)
  23. Not that I can't understand it, but could someone post the lyrics? I'm neurotic about making sure I'm understanding the words right, and damned if I'm gonna screw up a sentence like "peel my banana".
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