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  1. This started off as some little piano-y thing i expectied to hear in some sad little cutscene in something like Disgaea. Then it turned all technoish and made me want to kick the asses of things, which is always a good sign. Nice job!
  2. So my friend rents Megaman :Anniversary thing, and naturally, as the first megaman game i owned and played is Megaman3, i beg him to let me play it.. Amazingly i still remeber who is weak to what and kick its ass in one sitting. As I get to the third level of Wily's castle, and now that i'm old enough to appreciate music, the nostaligia just beats the crap out of me. "Someone REALLY needs to do a Remix of this." And lo and behold, there already was one. Can't believe I missed this. I'm also a fan of "Boss time", and i'm going to check out everything else by Gux now. Hope you keep it up. X^D
  3. This is one of the dozen Remix's on my "ass kicking" playlist i use durng things like Worms2 and other online games that don't have their own decent music. Gave me goosebumps the first time i listened to it X^D
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