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  1. While agree with Koelsch on the bit about the bass, the song is still incredible. I love the intro, the suspense just keeps building until the song finally reaches a continuing point. Reminds me of watching some "thriller" movie when I hear this. Good stuff.
  2. Bonus points for adding lyrics. Video game music is awesome. Remixed video game music is better. With lyrics, it's just downright unbelievable. This song is awesome in the fact that it gives the music a voice that echoes its mood. To me that's what really makes this song. Definitely worth a listen. Definitely one of my favorites.
  3. IMHO, the genre doesn't really concern me, however the content is awesome. This being a game I actually fried a T.V. for playing too long (back in them good ol' NES days) I was compelled to download this. I was very pleased with this mix. The flute and drums mesh with the piano extremely well, and create something of a genre that I'm not all that familiar with. All things considered, this mix is definitely at the top of my list.
  4. Long time lurker...First Time Poster. I've been lurking around OC ReMix for about a year. Mostly just listening to remixes, and reading reviews. I love this site. Anyway. I thought I posted on this thread once, but I couldn't remember. Just saying Hi.
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