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  1. Oh my god.. you changed your username!! :-|

  2. Happy birthday!! :---DD

  3. I left a message explaining the whole thing at http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=34183 .

    Tell me what you want me to do, and I'll get right away with it. :D

    BTW,.. is it me or there is only Brandon's wip? :-3

    EDIT : added emoticon! :DD

  4. Your birthday is past tomorrow! . Since I know I'm gonna forget ... happy birthday!. :-DD

  5. Hey man, sorry for the late reply. I'll be absent until mid july, because of final exams. I'll make a post on the forums and in the bc site.

  6. What does OA stand for? Overclocked Awesome? ^_^

  7. Cool!! ^_^ . Man i should get working on that nights wip. But first i have to finish OA's wip... and rozo's wip. Damn, so much stuff to do.

  8. Edited my last post. I shouldn't say these things on the internet ._.

  9. Thanks a lot dude! I still have a job to hand for tomorrow (LOL.. a job to hand...... . . . . nevermind XD) . But anyways, today I'm gonna eat cake (unless it's a lie.. I hope not!)

    Once again, thanks! ^_^

  10. Why wouldn't i accept the ocr friendship of somebody with that AWESOME USERNAME??!! Holy shit! :D

  11. Sir, you are awesome!

  12. Yo, Epitaph / Luke Keever/ LuketheXjesse . Nice to.. Meet you? LOL

  13. Your username is FULL OF WIN.

    and damn.. it's awesome.

  14. Thanks for the FF4 video!. It was awesome !... and you made my mix sound really badass !! LOL

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