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  1. wow i had no idea he left! should be interesting to see what direction the band takes .
  2. Definitely has some secret of mana undertones. i can also hear some FF3 in there too.
  3. Ninja Gaiden. Only because it has an awesome soundtrack..Its fun as well but hard as hell. I dont even think I could be the damn game these days. never could back in the day. Zelda 2 was a huge let down. i remember playing it and trying to force my self to like it. LOL. Blaster master was total win and Kirby was uber fun as well.
  4. Beautifully done!! The synths are what really stood out for me(I love synths). I loved the piano alterations in regards to the original SOM melody. The Transition at 3:33 is very moving and reminiscent of major motion picture scores. This is by far one of the best,if not,the best SOM remix created. Couldn't have asked for a better way to end my night. 9.7/10
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