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  1. .......... Wow. Awesomeness. I've been waiting for someone to do this song on a solo piano arrangment for SO FLIPPIN' LONG, and it was well worth the wait. It's just nothing short of a beautiful arrangment, plain and simple. The best part, is that he's sneaking bits of the prelude into the theme, and it smoothly goes back and forth... Bravo. Now, if you can do a piano solo on Kefka's theme, I'd be set! ^^
  2. The drums ruined it for me. Well, maybe ruin is too harsh, as the Orchestra, dispite the drums was EXCELLENT. But still. Is there any way I could edit those drums out?
  3. A beautiful arrangment man. Just listening to this makes me smile like some giddy... something. You've really made my day with this.
  4. I am probably the only person around here that had no problem at all with the Golem Twins ><; Party- Robo, Aya, Crono. Start off the battle with Robo and Aya's Boogie Double Tech. This ALWAYS stopped both of them my 9 or so times through the game ><; Then, when they are asleep, assign Robo Healer Duty with his Cure-All ability (The name escapes me right now). Then use Crono's and Aya's Falcon Hit. Over. And Over. And Over. And Over. Boogie when you need to, and just spam Falcon Hit. Such an easy boss. I think the hardest boss I ever had to deal with would be... (Spoilers) The Captain Blue robot fight on Ultra-V mode in Viewtiful Joe. The guy was a pain in the butt on Kids mode. On Normal, he was aggrivating. On V-Mode, he was very challenging, and on Ultra-V.... ARGH!!
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