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  2. Phantasy Star Online 'Lobby Static' If you've read through my reviews, you'll know that I'm not a fan of static in mixes. This song is no real exception, although there isn't an abundance of loud static in the song, which is good as far as I'm concerned. Now see, this is all personal opinion but, to me, this song sounds like it's being held back. There are some parts where it seems the song is allowed to "shine through" (examples: 0:40, 1:10) but these shining moments don't last long before the song seems to be subdued again. Once again, only my opinion, but I felt as though the song would have been much better if, at 0:40 where the song was first allowed to break through, it had stayed above the static. It just feels to me that throughout the length of the song, it's struggling to be heard, to be seen. Was this intentional? Was Quinn Fox trying to portray this battle between music and static that perceive? Who knows. Personal Rating: 2/5
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