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Found 3 results

  1. Re mixer Name: Wiesty Real Name: Dylan Wiest Email Address: User ID: 11643 Name of game(s) arranged: Super Mario RPG Name of arrangement: Happy Times are Back Again Name of individual song(s) arranged: Hello, Happy Kingdom This was my first submission for the Window to the Stars album and it dates back to probably 2013 in its original form which was going to be an upbeat samba sort of tune. I had milked all of the ideas I could out of that avenue and was still not super happy with the arrangement so it was back to the drawing board. I've always wanted to do a percussion only tune so I figured this could be my chance. I'm no Doug Perry but I recorded 3 parts on Marimba, congas and clave which I think makes for a nice simple percussion ensemble. The beginning is in a minor key and has more of a somber tone which is supposed to represent when the Mushroom Kingdom was taken over by the Smithy Gang. The mood changes at the end when Mario saves the day and you can hear elements of the original samba arrangement being used.
  2. I'm looking for some help in populating a Google Calendar with notable video game anniversaries for games that have remixes here on OC ReMix. This calendar is meant to be used in conjunction with zapier (an automation tool) that will help us automatically promote game pages on OCR's Discord server and possibly our social media accounts. Right now OCR doesn't track release dates of games in its database, so I can't ask djpretzel for that data. I need folks to help find release date data and create events on the Calendar in a specific format. I'd prefer to use release dates from the country of origin, so Japanese release dates for games from Japan, North American release dates for many western games, etc. To participate, you need a Google account (i.e. gmail address). The event should be created with a start time of 12:00PM on the day of the anniversary. Multiple events on the same day should be spaced by 15 minutes. The title of the event should be Nth Anniversary of Game. The description of the event should be a link to the game's page on OC ReMix. Here's a sample event. I think we can focus on 5x Year Anniversaries for now. Let me know if you'd like to help out and I'll give you access.
  3. KINGDOM HEARTS REMIX ALBUM PROJECT TRACKLIST The project is cancelled due to the low interest in a KH album. Thanks and sorry everyone who wanted to help and/or supported the idea. Peace. Project description Kingdom Hearts has AWESOME music by Yoko Shimomura, and its soundtrack is really, really underrepresented in terms of remixes (which is a shame lol). So what would be the plan? Remix the soundtrack from the first KH game. The soundtrack is very diversified as the heroes travel across various different worlds. How to participate? You're a posted mixer on OCR or have some interesting experience in the VGM scene (DoD, YouTube, etc.): you can directly claim a track and start remixing it. You're not a posted mixer: send me a PM with some of your work (as an audition), and we'll discuss the possibility. You want to do art, video, etc.? Send me a PM and we'll discuss how you can help. Legal Note Since OCR made an agreement with Square Enix during the FF6 Kickstarter, please, don't use any SFX from a KH game or directly sample your remix from its source. Deadlines & WiPs Tentative release date: whenever the hell KH3 comes out lol -- The first deadline will be announced when I get a lot of claims on the tracklist. Each time a deadline is reached, I'll need an update on your claim(s), with a WIP track. If you miss a deadline, no problem -- I can understand that real life can be busy. But don't sit too long on a claim either (even if I already worked with some last-minute rushers ) -- If you fail to give me updates several times, I'll have to remove your claim (meaning someone else can take it -- You can also retake it by sending in a WiP). Collaboration Collaboration helps a lot. Don't hesitate to ask someone for help on your track(s)! - Chernabogue: orchestra/drum programming, mixing, mastering - timaeus222: mixing/mastering, dubstep/drum & bass/EDM drum programming, atmospheric and synth-lead sound design, rhythm/lead electric guitar, orchestral strings If you have any question, send me PM or post here.
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