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Found 4 results

  1. The Founding Of Yarnham: A Bloodborne Arrangement I've messed around with a highlight of the OST, Tsukasa Saitoh's 'Gerhman, The First Hunter'. I've kept fragments of various melodies and scales from the game, and also used plenty of the scrape-y/aleatoric string sounds familiar to the soundtrack. At the same time, the arrangement sounds closer to a romantic quintet - if a quintet contained two cellos and two doubles basses with an aggressive piano. This has been a lot of fun to write and kill time until that 'University' thing. BillyOftenWilliamPalmer (I'm being consistent name-wise from here on.) 3/8/16
  2. ALBUM PROJECT: Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma Project Director: Trism Co-Director: Jorito Project Advisor & Visual Artist: Odai FINAL COMPLETED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 1ST 2019 PROPOSED ALBUM RELEASE: DECEMBER 2019 Current Remixers: djpretzel, HoboKa, Sbeast, Trism, rebrained, Oneiric, Supercoolmike, Chimpazilla, David "Cookie", Jorito, Ganaé, APZX, Manji, Trev, LongBoxofChocolate, Nitrozxz, DaMonz, Nostalvania, That Headband Guy, Jean Of mArc, Primorph, Nadzilla, Argle, Clement Panchout, Sir_Nuts more welcome Current Performers: Stahalamora, Lauren the Flute more welcome Sound Designers/Audio Support: Chimpazilla more welcome - PROJECT CONCEPT - This is the first in a series of albums paying homage to games that were grossly overlooked/underrated in their heyday, hence the title Paths Less Travelled. The first instalment, Volume I, shall be Terranigma. This HAS to be in my top 3 games of all time. It's beautiful. If you haven't played it, then find a way to do so. The cartridge alone sells for up to $120 on Ebay nowadays It's that good. The game was released through Enix by Quintet Games on the SNES. Extremely well received by critics, but with very little coverage, (Mainly because it was only officially released in Japan and Europe) it was an RPG with very mature and sombre themes that boasted very nice graphics, wonderful music from Miyoko Kobayashi, and very challenging gameplay. It was one of those true rare gems of gaming, and like any of you who bought it, I am eternally glad that I did. Because, frankly, it became part of my life. This is why I’m choosing it to be the first instalment. It deserves far more coverage, credit and honour than it did upon release. And I can only imagine how it could have sounded if the technology had existed for Kobayashi at the time. **Link to the full OST on Youtube, I recommend you listen, even if you have no intention of claiming a track. It really is that good:** - WHAT WE NEED - **Shamelessly lifted and altered from the seminal Ocarina of Time project thread with thanks. It’s a perfect template.** Arrangers/Remixers to conceptualize and complete remixes. This is where the bulk of the work will be. Anybody who would like to take part is welcome. Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup. We would like to get quality live performers on remixes in any instance where a remixer's sample quality “isn’t quite there”. (Reasoning: My goal is to apply this to be an official OCRemix album series and there are standards that must be met to achieve this). Sound Designers/Audio Support interested in mastering and sound design for the project. also to provide support or collaborate with remixers who are new or inexperienced at mixing. If you're interested in contributing to one or more of the above areas, please get in touch with me. - THE SPECIFICS - Claiming & Auditioning All remixers wishing to claim a track should PM me or HoboKa, or comment on the thread about any they are interested in and we'll go from there. If you are not a posted remixer, please PM some of your completed work. It needn't be a remix, but something that demonstrates the quality of your skills. Once a track is claimed, a deadline will be set that is reasonable. We're currently working on a 2 month deadline-to-deadline basis, but it's flexible. If nothing is heard from you for 3 months (check in at least once every month to at least let me know you’re still in), the track will revert to unclaimed. Genre Guidelines Though there is no basic genre one should adhere to when remixing tracks for the album, I do aim to have it generate deep and emotive soundscapes. This doesn’t mean the chosen track can’t use an unexpected genre or take a different direction, but it should at least make the listener feel something big, and be in general keeping with its parent disc’s vibe suggestion. Genre should bring out the best in the track chosen. That gives remixers a lot of leeway in remixing a song the way they want with final product approved by me. Vocals in songs are also okay if implemented well. Mixing of other themes from the track list is fine as long as it flows well with the core theme and does not overshadow the main melody. Furthermore, if remixers would like to 'team up' and make a joint effort on a track, that's always welcome. If you got a specific idea for a track, by all means run it by me, I'm pretty open. Flexible Deadlines Deadlines will be handled on a case-by-case basis centered around a 2-month core plan. and based on the preference of the remixer, we're not trying to rush things here. Try to maintain contact with the project director, especially if you think a real life event will prevent you from delivering a track. "See also: Auditioning/Claiming" - CORE TRACK LIST - Final Order will be determined towards end of project). This isn’t an exhaustive list of every track in the game. Most of the ones I’ve omitted are far less than a minute (some barely more than a few bars). What’s left is a triple album split into 3 moods/vibes. Black - Unclaimed Track Red - Track Claimed, no submission Orange - Concept Submitted Yellow - WIP submitted Green- Significant WIP submitted Blue - Finished Track submitted Purple - Finished and Mastered Track DISC 1: REST (Generally calm and ambient/happy) 01: Crysta (Village Theme 1) Claimed by Jorito 02: Evergreen (Sanctuary theme 1) Claimed by Clement Panchout 03: Lhasa (Village Theme 2) - Claimed by Trism & Nadzilla 04: Sanctuary (Sanctuary Theme 2) 05: European Town (Village Theme 3) Claimed by Manji 06: Castle: (Castle Theme) - Claimed by Argle 07: Neotokyo (Village Theme 4) Claimed by rebrained 08: Call at a Port (Port Theme) Claimed by HeavyViper 09: Freedom (Village Theme 5) - Claimed by djpretzel 10: Nomads in a Desert (Quattro’s Theme) 11: Southern Rhythm (Village theme 6) - Claimed by David "Cookie" 12: **NEW ADDITION** Origins (Prologue) DISC 2: QUEST (Generally upbeat and positive/driven) 01: Light & Darkness (Title Theme) Claimed by Ganaé 02: Yomi (NPC Theme 1) Claimed by David "Cookie" & Trev 03: Sadness (Situation Theme) - Claimed by HoboKA & Stahalamora 04: Elle’s Theme (NPC Theme 2) - Claimed by Supercoolmike & Chimpazilla 05: Underworld (Map Theme 1) - Claimed by Fredrik Hathen 06: Wilful Lion (NPC Theme 3) Claimed by LongBoxofChocolate 07: Overworld (Map Theme 2) - Claimed by jnWake 08: Fyda (NPC Theme 4) - Claimed by Nostalvania 09: Fukan (Flying Theme) Claimed by APZX 10 Perel (NPC Theme 5) Claimed by Sir_Nutz 11: Magic Rocks (Menu & Magic Shop) claimed by Jean Of mArc 12: Royd (NPC Theme 6) Claimed by Trism 13: **NEW ADDITION** Shopping (Shop theme) 14: **NEW ADDITION** Amusement (Minigame) DISC 3: BATTLE! (Generally dark and brooding/heavy) 01: Tower of Trial (Dungeon Theme 1) Claimed by Manji 02: Dungeon (Dungeon Theme 2) - Claimed by That Headband Guy 03: Mountains (Wilderness Theme 1) -Claimed by Jorito 04: Wandering Spirits (Dungeon Theme 3) - Claimed by HoboKa 05: The Castle of Dragoon (Dungeon Theme 4) - Claimed by Oneiric 06: Zoo (Wilderness Theme 2) Claimed by DaMonz 07: Laboratory (Dungeon Theme 5) Claimed by Trev 08: Dr. Beruga (Villain Theme) 09: Boss Fight! (Boss theme) - claimed by Rozovian 10: Final Battle (End boss theme) Claimed by SBeast 11 : Resurrection Medley - Claimed by Jorito 12: **NEW ADDITION** The Gaia Stones (Pre-final battle) 13: Return to Mother Earth (End Credits) - Claimed by Manji That's just about it! With a little hard work, this could turn out to be the first in a series of brilliant albums, and raise awareness of some games that never should have slipped through the net. Thanks for reading, and for your interest. Get claiming!