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Found 2 results

  1. Note: Updates to this track will be added to the bottom of this first post. Quick note to board mods: I will modify this post as needed to conform to board guidelines, please inform me if changes are needed. First attempt at a remix! I hope to eventually complete one and submit it to the site which I love so much. I had a bit of inspiration to do a rock n roll remix of Chrono Trigger's "Corridors of Time" after hearing this remix. I like the rock n roll sound at around the 25 second mark, and wanted to explore it further. So in a way, this is a remix of a remix. https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01836 Original track: See below for my remixes and revisions I am currently using MuseScore for score editing and sound, so it will sound a bit canned for now. I am hoping to use Cubase later with better samples and/or live instruments in future revisions. I would love to have feedback and/or suggestions on ways to make this better. If you are interested in collaboration, I am open to that as well. Thanks for your time! Updates v 0.1: https://soundcloud.com/harrysunshinejr/shreds-of-time-v0-1/s-5DQbTVRx7KF v0.2: https://soundcloud.com/harrysunshinejr/shreds-of-time-v02/s-FQL1HDZI2Qv v0.3: https://soundcloud.com/harrysunshinejr/shreds-of-time-v0-3-2/s-HUooQpvV1Mu
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first own finished electronic music track on LMMS. I created it as soundtrack for the game I am currently developing (also my first one actually). I hope you like it ! All sorts of feedback are appreciated and don't forget to enjoy the music!
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