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OCR01923 - *YES* Xenogears 'Daijiru (Too Hot for Clothes)'


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Remixers: Another Soundscape, Avaris

Source Tunez: Dazil, City of Burning Sand

Game: Xenogears

Composa: Mitsuda-san

THIS IS FOR THE XENOGEARS PROJECT, please do not release until the proj is released. tanks!

First off is Anso talkin about himself in 3rd for some reason? (no pun intended)

"So yeah, this is old-school Anso! I started this in February 2007 when I was very very new to remixing. I have to admit I still think what I had back then was kickin'. Now, almost a year later it was time to round up the project tracks. I hadn't worked on this in a while but I tried to make the best of the situation. When I was about to send the final render to avaris we thought that "hey, why don't we make this a collab" and that's what you have here.

So this remix includes the following: Hentai samples, loads of percussion, sound mangling, the coolest bass ever, a lot of quirky automation and a solid groove. If it wasn't for Shaun it would probably be about half as good. He's really a Reason wiz when it comes to processing!

Anyway, enjoy!"

This was def a fun one for me. Got to work on a track that was basically done and then try to improve it. I basically did the mastering and went through and tweaked every sound and synth. Did a lil slicing and dicing in Live off of Anso's rhythms and that was that. I didn't want to go full out crazy on the beats bc this track was already heavily layered, and it has a fairly laid back groove that I wanted to keep and enhance at the same time.

Thanks for listening!



http://tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/Xenogears_psf.rar - 111 "Dazil - City of Burning Sands"

Ha! You damn perverts.

Anyway, just when I thought the track was gonna be too conservative, y'all went the extra mile in terms of personalizing the songs with the excellent "sound mangling". Solid stuff.

I'll maybe show The Lady this mix once to see the expression on her face, but then we'll NEVER speak of this track again. :lol: Well, you actually did keep the hentai sampling pretty tasteful. If there is that sort of thing...


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The pitch bending bass is absolutely awesome. I love it. I heard this way back so the hentai clips aren't as surprising as they were initially, but they're still an... interesting touch... probably not the weirdest thing that has been sampled for a ReMix, but it's up there. :) The sounds here are generally pretty simple and sparse. Not a lot of thick, bright stuff except for the lead towards the middle. Still, it works well, primarily due to the creative sequencing of harmonies and counter-melodies. Drum programming is also nice even though the samples aren't amazing. I would have liked a little more reverb on that sine synth, or possibly delay, but it's no big deal.

Arrangement is very creative. This theme has been covered a number of times but this interpretation is definitely unique, with a good amount of variation and original writing. The structure remains fairly groove-based and chill throughout with no big surprises, and I might have liked to hear some additional layering towards the end for a bombastic climax (eg. distorted guitar, strings) but that's more personal preference.

Very nice.


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I think being a DDR fan and listening to E-Rotic has desensitized me to moaning in music. I barely blinked while listening to this. Is that a good or bad thing? :?

Chill, detailed arrangement that really gets moving in some sections and clearly creates its own style. I dug the atmosphere you two created and the original writing, that supports the mostly intact melody. It sounds well thought-out on both the writing and producing ends. :nicework:


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Just wanted to say that I hate the name "Daijiru," which isn't even accurate to the original Japanese, "Daziru" (which you shouldn't use either). I hate that, even though we've had a good translation of the tracklist for years, names like "June Mermaid" from the crappy original translation keep coming up. But anyway.

Starts off pretty conservative regarding source usage in the first two minutes, but there's all kinds of good additional material backing it up. 2:19-3:29 is solid, and then we get back to the closer stuff with additional writing. The style change is good too. There's easily enough on the arrangement side for this one to go through.

The massive pitch bends on the bass were a good idea. Definitely feeling the groove there. Sampling works. Sounds aren't stunning or anything, but the writing makes me not care at all. Nice perc. This'll work.


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