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Lie Motherpluckin B

Leon K.

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I haven't heard from this guy in a while and I thought I'd share him with you guys, hopefully to keep him doing stuff. A while back a man named LieMFB posted some pretty amazing funk-rock covers of nintendo songs.

He created a cohesive album named 'Nintendosploitation' and it is amazing. His site is back up and I thought I'd show you guys to his site at http://lidbjork.homelinux.org/nintendo/.

The entire album is good, but some especially good tracks are Funkin in the Woods, Let me stand next to your firestorm, and A Quarter Full of Snakes (Whose Led Zeppelin reference towards the end of the song should not be missed. I love it when they throw these little things in there for people to pick up on)

I thought I'd share this stuff with you guys, this man needs more OCR love!

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Hey people! So cool to see that you're spontaneously bringing my music up, almost three years since I released it. Thanks a lot, it warms my heart!

I haven't showed my face much here or at VGMix lately, but I've kept my webpage up, I still play a lot of music, and I'm actually at work on a follow up to "Nintendosploitation" -- when time allows me. Work, school and other activities take their toll, but I record when I get the chance (and pray that my neighbours won't finally assasinate me).

The next bunch of songs will be slightly more guitar oriented and more '70s rock and progressive than funk. But still with some funky riffs and stuff. I might post some in the WIP forum some day. I also got a few "single" songs up on the webpage, that are more acoustic oriented (something I just experimented with).

Anyway, thanks again for the appreciation! And thanks for reminding me that I gotta sneak some more Led Zep and stuff into my music. ;)

See ya!

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Ok, I'll check it out. I've been mostly into Nintendo music, especially since the well of NES tunes never seems to run dry, but sometimes I've thought about digging into Sega as well. Only one Sega song on an album of NES music would be odd, but I'm open for trying a remix some day. Thanks for the tip, I'll check Sonic 3 out.

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