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  1. I hate to say this, but since you're never gonna find a copy, emulate the Sega CD game Snatcher. It's pretty much the best Cybepunk game around, and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. The main theme is a jazz sax number called "One Night in Neo Kobe", and to make things even better, the game is by Hideo Kojima . Your navigator is called "Metal Gear". I hope I made your life a bit better.
  2. I'm in there btw, If you guys see "Johnny B. Good" up in there, it's all me.
  3. I used to play Alien vs Predator 2 pretty competitively, and eventually I got recruited for a pretty good clan called [s.T.A.R.S.], and they consisted of characters from STARS from RE1, All the names were picked, so I just nabbed Leon Kennedy from the just released RE2, even though I didn't like him that much. The name stuck through several games, and well, I ended up here. Thank God Leon Kennedy was such a badass in RE4, made years of using Leon K. worth it.
  4. Nice to hear from you bro! You'd be my hero if you fiddled with Hydrocity from Sonic 3. Come on, It was made for you!
  5. This is like my 4th win. I'm back in the game son. ug, I don't even have all my sigs anymore. Damn the two image limit for sigs.
  6. Leon K.

    ~ Super Bowl ~

    The Giants won because the Giants had heart. Up here at albany there were near riots when the Giants won.
  7. Sunset - Her look and countenance evinced to me that this Lady was a lonely sunset; Held to her fate - stifled by the thought of static inevitability. Sunset, can't you look, see in front of you? Or are you blinded by your own twilight? If you could hold on, I could show to you That after your sad descent, is sunrise. I hear you say, "Have to hurry down, Yeah - Hurry down Sunset, get dark like wine, won't see - won't find any suffering." But why? Do you think being alone will make it fine? There is no need for you to keep yourself at bay; - no need to shine brilliantly and fade away, simply because you're afraid. Perfect Sunset Star - Haha charade you are! As for me - Chasing sunsets ain't my speed. Much too elusive, fair as falling leaves crushed under my feet. Something so beautiful and fragile, Must be always viewed from afar.
  8. Link worked for me, if you're copy pasting make sure you don't include the period. If not, a google search of LieMFB will bring it up.
  9. I haven't heard from this guy in a while and I thought I'd share him with you guys, hopefully to keep him doing stuff. A while back a man named LieMFB posted some pretty amazing funk-rock covers of nintendo songs. He created a cohesive album named 'Nintendosploitation' and it is amazing. His site is back up and I thought I'd show you guys to his site at http://lidbjork.homelinux.org/nintendo/. The entire album is good, but some especially good tracks are Funkin in the Woods, Let me stand next to your firestorm, and A Quarter Full of Snakes (Whose Led Zeppelin reference towards the end of the song should not be missed. I love it when they throw these little things in there for people to pick up on) I thought I'd share this stuff with you guys, this man needs more OCR love!
  10. Man... This remix thing is something else.
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