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OCR01778 - *YES* Super Mario Bros. 3 'Of Mind and Body'


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ReMixer - Evahn

email - fungshway@hotmail.com

website - myspace.com/evahnder

game arranged - Super Mario Bros. 3

songs arranged - Warp Zone theme

This originally started out as me just picking and strumming around two chords on guitar, and when I wanted to put some leads over them, I accidentally stumbled on the Warp Zone melody. The way I recorded it, it sounds pretty laid-back and kind of sleepy, I think.


http://www.zophar.net/nsf/smb3.zip - Track 15

Pretty liberal take here in terms of the supporting writing, with the source finally arriving overtly from :31-1:04, then more from 1:16-1:49. Would have loved to have heard the countermelody of the original used somewhere in this arrangement, but the supporting writing was still excellent.

The slightly off timing of something like 1:32 shouldn't be there in such a shot piece. Everything's gotta be clicking on all cylinders.

The ending beginning at 1:46 wasn't a drastic departure from the tone and style of the previous sections, so the ending felt too sudden. A little something to end this in a more resolute way would probably be good. Still, you did have a notable enough dynamic curve to the arrangement where "I see what you did there." The silence trailing the end of the track at 2:10 needs to be trimmed off.

If I were The Wingless, I'd YES this pretty quickly. I definitely love the theme, and this interpretation here is pretty nice. The execution is a little rough, but it's nothing that can't be tightened up with another couple of play-throughs.

That being said, the concept and execution are ok for me. It's a bit off-kilter, but it's not ashamed of it. Probably gonna get Jesse to go WTF, but I'm channeling Wing on this one. Maybe weed will be down with this. This should be stronger, but what's in place I'm feeling enough to give it the nod.

YES (borderline)

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Haha, this song. It sounds so simple, it's only two minutes after you cut off the silence at the end, and the rhythm is definitely off in some places. Yet I can't help but like it. It's quite charming. The interpretation is pretty interesting and it certainly creates an atmosphere. The parts are more intricate than they seem, and the interplay is cool. Recording is good, and parts are distinct. Even the rhythm problems with it seem to add to the idea that it's something laidback and sleepy. I almost feel like a tighter version might work against it...

I wouldn't blame anyone for going NO on this, but I feel like this song works. Good luck with the rest of the vote!


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So Amanda is working on some sort of craft project behind me, and she just sprayed some sort of silicon sealant of sorts, and it's getting to my head and making me all sorts of dizzy. Coincidently, I decided to vote on this track.

I feel like I did when I was on laughing gas drifting on cloud 9 when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. The mellow vibe and general chord structure are invoking a sort of trans-dimensional experience on me. I love the panning, with lead on the left and rhythmic strumming on the right. Just the right amount of reverb, too. I'm sitting here waiting for Elvis to walk by any moment.


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