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Hard Trance/Hardstyle/Hardcore Remix


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Since I realize a whole remix project for Shadowrun is probably out of the question, I was wondering if someone would be interested in doing a Hard Trance, Hardstyle, or Hardcore mash up of a couple of the main themes in the SNES Shadowrun game. I think it would be fantastic if some one could make a heavy bass hitting song with some driving melodies and such. PLEASE!!! lol. PS> I also realize that it may be hard to find samples of these songs on the net, seeing as I have only found a midi of like the Hotel music, so you MAY have to use a [[whispers]] rom to hear the music. There are some great tracks and possibilities in the game, I promise you.

and it's a fun game.

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You're not making many friends here, buddy. I was amused when I read the replies to your project "request". I agree with much of it. Was thinking of posting there to tell you you're not getting results that way, but... apparently didn't.

That being said, I don't have time or know electronica well enough to remix it for you. If you're interested in learning remixing, grab your sequencer of choice - come to the WIP forum. We'll teach you what you're doing wrong, and push you in the right direction.

It's not easy, remixing. What better way for you to learn that, _and_ get your Shadowrun techno, than to have made it yourself?

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Gotta be honest. You may as well give up at the requests. You've obviously pissed off the greater-remix-community, and basically the only way you have of redeeming yourself is by taking the time necessary (and it'll probably have to be a long time) to prove that you have the capacity to not be a tantrum-throwing, over-demanding douchewad.

There are plenty of people who are actually respectable who have made requests that don't happen. And so far, we like pretty much all of them better than you right now. Like Darkesword said, you mooch the music off the site, and then insult people's hard work because all of us who have a life don't feel like taking hours and hours out of our time to make a remix for some whiny kid who comes in and complains about the music he's mooching.

You're lucky one of the mods DIDN'T go ahead and throw you the "EFF YOU, KID" and ban your happy ass altogether.

My advice at this point, is to either lurke for a while or else actually start showing some fucking APPRECIATION for the music we have to offer here--maybe write a couple (decent) reviews for some songs you DO like (if you actually like any at all, that is). If you can't do that at the very least, then you and your numerous requests for a Shadowgate song/project can go fuck a hat.

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