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Shadowgate Death Theme WIP


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alright, i've had this WIP for at least 2 years now and i never put it up here because i thought it sounded too much like the midi. You probably will too but this is generally what I want it to sound like. I want to stretch it out and maybe even add in key parts of other songs from the game but let me know what you think.

Moved to tindeck.


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All right, let's start by talking hosting. Megaupload is annoying. You have to wait for it to start downloading before you can wait for it to finish downloading. Better hosts are Mediafire.com, Sendspace.com, and Tindeck.com.

sgover.mid Nice source. Your remix is essentially a midi with added drums. Cute, but not much of a remix. But let's start with the technical aspects.

Bass drum needs more punch. See if you have other drum samples, or add a really aggressive compressor on it.

The shaker rhythm could have more life. Since you don't use a snare, you could make the shaker louder on every even beat. Wait, is it a shaker or a hihat? It later sounds like both, each panned to either side. Good idea, but execution needs some more refining. Rhythm.

Drumroll into 0:32 sounds... weird. I was about to say bad, but it's not bad, it's weird. Usually, a drumroll is snare and/or toms, and the shaker is essentially just a repeated drumroll anyway. But this... this is more weird than that. Is there a reverse bass drum in it?

The lead synth has some weird pan modulation. It's pretty annoying when you notice it, but fortunately, it's not bad. Just weird. :D

Bass is good. Pads are too loud. So's the shaker/hihat. It sounds like there's a backing synth that also needs to be softer. It might be an illusion of the pan effect of the lead, tho. The pizzicato-like backing instrument is good. The descending soft lead should either be softer, or the lead should pause and let the softer lead play.

There's some fixes and thoughts for you. If you want this on ocr, you gotta personalize it a lot more, develop it. Compare ocr techno remixes with their source and see how much has changed in the process. Listen to Blind's stuff, he's probably the best techno remixer on ocr. imho, anyway.

Gonna be interesting to see how this turns oute. Be persistant, good luck!

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Thanks Rozovian. I knew it wasn't personalized enough for OCR but I just though of putting up my general idea first and then getting some feedback like yours. And actually I now that I'm looking for the file, i'm not even sure if I have my original stuff so i may have to start over. But thats not really much of a problem seeing as I wasn't really anywhere anyways. Thanks for the advice. You should check out my original song in the other WIP thread.

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