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Secret of Evermore MegaRemix

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For years at attempting to remix many songs, and create originals of my own, I finally plan on creating a long mix of all the best songs in Secret of Evermore.

First segment - My take on the beginning events of the game. Sounds like a woman breathing, but it could also be a boy if you think hard enough. Unfortunately, I can't find ANY 'electricity' samples to mimic the dog chewing the wires; perhaps I don't need it. Maybe there's something more I could do here.

Introduction/Credits - Not sure what I'll do with the rest. Maybe I'll break into a trance (or be Xenosphere-esque), but I tend to play by what instruments sound good, and currently I have a lot of great sounding stuff/ideas, IMO, and feel collected about this whole thing. I think this mix will be my life's purpose.

Intro/Credits will transition into the 2nd half of Queen Bluegarden, aka RLY GOOD IDEA.

Boss theme - Primal style

Pyramid - Fucking awesome jammin' style.

Fields of Gothica - Short but sweet piece I could probably fit in somewhere.

Flying - Oh this would go well near Gothica!!

Ebon Keep - Castle - This song is so mellow I must arrange it somehow.

Final Boss - Invader Zim style.

May not remix but are decent songs:

Collosia Chamber 1 - People have already arranged this.

Ivor Tower - The Town - Shnab have already begun to move.

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It takes a little too long before it opens, the sound effects segment is a bit too long and the synth "power-up" doesn't mesh well with the soft section that follows. The melody is also a bit tough to make out in the bg organ pad, consider automating a sharper attack/release when the bg organ pad plays solo.

I don't think it's ocr material, but it sounds cool enough to worth doing anyway. Besides, you can always chop up the final piece and submit each theme separately. Overall, I think it'll turn out enjoyable. :D

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I think it all sounds good, even still, but maybe because it's all only the beginning, and if I want to fulfill my idea of a megamix, I think a decent amount of buildup is necessary. (I can always submit shortened individual versions to OCR.)

I remember looking at the judging forum yesterday (I rarely look), looking at only one NO thread and lo and behold, I saw Darkesword saying, "Don't use pads for a melody[/progression]". But I figured maybe it's alright to do it, because I have plans to eventually replace those pad sounds with more attack-oriented samples. Thanks for noticing, though! I tried adding more attack to the ones already there, but it didn't sound right. (Using them in the first place was an accident, actually: "*goes through sample sets from the wrong sample set due to boredom; pads appear* ...omg this sounds awesome".)

Multiple times, I was thinking of adding a little bit of music-like substance to the opening, to make it more SoE-like at the very least (more interesting, musically, too). Also, I forgot to extend the ominous long-note that briefly appears. Ah, yeah, the opening loud sound effects aren't really supposed to act as a transition tool in the traditional sense, and perhaps I should even have more time between them, but I thought it sounded good anyway while not lasting too long.

Dunno when I'll ever finish it. Could take a year if I spend my time learning more about remixing solely for this piece.

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