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OCR00938 - *YES* Star Control 2 "HyperSpace Electro Blast"


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I'm resubmitting this now.. I submitted it first time 28.10.2002 (week after my Wizardry remix). I have no idea when Rayza submitted his remixes, but seems that he got those to the site much faster? Well, anyway.. here's this again.. I've checked the download urls and added another one if other fails for some reason? Or maybe I've missed that my SC2 remix has been processed and it got 'NO' for answer.. :(


Star Control 2 Hyperspace Electro Blast OC ReMix

Original by Riku Nuottajärvi, Accolade

My second OC ReMix. This time from the great game classic Star Control 2. This is the music heard during the hyperspace game part. Hard to remix song which is no doubt the most heard one in the game. But I think I managed to keep the spirit of the original version. Maybe a bit jarre-sound here. No samples except drums and the bell in this song. Everything else comes from softsynths I programmed. Comments are welcome, as usual :)

Remix download url(s):

(I will remove the file after I receive notification.)

Credit/Artist name: Mark Vera

Real name: Jouni Airaksinen

Website: http://www.bluecave.net/mintus/

Email: mintus@bluecave.net

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I liked this guy's first work on "Wizardry" and though I liked the quality of the synths used and the overall sound of the song, it didn't really go anywhere.

But anyway, about THIS song.

The quality IS great. Possibly not enough bass on the kick drum, as I hear no driving beat. Actually, the repetition isn't so bad in this, as it doesn't last all THAT long (4 minutes? Long? Do you work for pop radio?) and he at least varies the music with layers. This one's got my vote. Sorry.



EDIT: Apologizing for a vote? That doesn't sound like Heartless Dan to me. -Pro

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Wow... impressive synth programming. I mean, I don't know what you used as your master sequencer or any of your softsynths, but I like it when I can't recognize synth patches/drum samples. So you get bonus points for originality. But then you have to take into account how professionally mixed everything sounds, and there's no clipping, and no over-compression, etc. So even more points for being able to control your synths, volume-wise.

The drums are really effective, although they don't seem to change themselves up very much. It isn't a boring drum beat, though, so it all works just fine.

Sequencing, although tight, is a tad repetitive, but not enough for me to want to burn this remix at the stake. It kept my interest plenty enough through the four minutes and three seconds that it was going.

Not really much else to say... It sounds really high quality and professional, and coming from a listener perspective, this one's a definite winner. Just try to arrange more dynamically next time and you'll be good to thoroughly rock everyone's socks off.


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