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DJ Mix - 'Get Killed'


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Hey folks,

Been a long long long time since I made one of these (I think the last one was after I got out of boot camp), but here we go again. Hard house and psytrance this time. Enjoy.


1. Nick Sentience - Tech Force

2. DJ Remo-con - Streams

3. BK - Mine's A Double (Original Mix)

4. Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious

5. Sota Fujimori - PLASMA (More Synth Extended)

6. Champion Burns & MSI - Fuck This Fucking Fuck (Cortez And York Remix) / Bring The Pain

7. Nick Sentience & BK - We Come Alive (feat. MC Hyper A) (Original Mix)

8. Lee Pasch - I Don't Need You (Base Graffiti Remix)

9. X-Dream - Move & Proceed

10. Vinyl Groover & Anne Savage & The Red Hed - Dot Com (Original Mix)

11. Rabbit In The Moon - Decade

12. Carl Nicholson - Outta Your Mind (Original Mix)

13. BK & Nick Sentience - XL (Original Mix)

14. Beatdrop - Heatseeker

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wow, infected mushroom, vinyl groover, and rabbit in the moon. awesome.

Yeah, I thought using something from Vicious Delicious might have been a bit trendy (I really don't know), but that song in particular has a fucking amazing build near the end of it. HAD to use it. And Decade... I dunno, it's just so... DRAMATIC. It's relatively simplistic, but it's so crisp and effective.

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Sure isn't.

It's a track from my album-in-progress. Keep your eye on the OCR boards for information concerning its release in the future. In the mean time, know with confidence that I'm doing everything I can to make every track on the album just as exciting as "Heatseeker."

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