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Beatmania IIDX Red: Pocket Aces


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So ive decided to try and remix AA by DJ Amuro (same guy that did A and SGX remixed it).

anyways, since the A's are supposed to symbolize aces in a deck I figured I would call my remix "Pocket Aces" as a little play on the title :D

Anyways, im not entirely sure where Im trying to go with this, but so far its a slightly slower breakbeat OC Remix. I want it to be interesting and in your face with some catchy breakbeat ness lol.

Original: AA by DJ Amuro

Remix V1: Pocket Aces by DJ SymBiotiX

Let me have some of that good ol comments and criticism :D

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The Plummer is still asleep?

Anyway, the strings are weak, a pad might work better.

It has speed but not energy. More punch, more weight, more of that stuff.

It's also kind'a minimalistic, which makes it feel weak.

Your transitions are a little too sharp, when the harpsichord-like instrument comes in, it comes in really suddenly. I don't think it fits into the soundscape, but since you've used other non-synthetic instruments, it works. Changing the strings to a pad would make it feel more awkward than it already is.

It feels a bit newby, which I thought you had grown past. :P It's a great source track. You need to work on pretty much everything: instrument choices, settings and effects; soundscaping, sequencing, arrangement, everything. Tho nothing's very good, it doesn't mean it's bad. It's early. Good luck!

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I think the piano is too open, as if it was some kind of background ambient sound. IMO it should be louder (maybe I mean crisper/sharper) yet more centralized to a particular panning.

The beginning is too much of a kick in the face. A tiny bit more buildup would be good. Maybe start with the percussion a little less complex, then make it complex and then bring in the bass. But don't spend too much time on this.

The 16th melody sample actually sounds unique to the song. Actually, during it, the "open" piano sounds good. So perhaps follow my piano suggestion then keep it the way you have it, though it still may sound good with less piano ambiance throughout the whole/most of the track.

The opening strings sound a little hissy or something. Maybe it's the low bitrate. Actually, realizing this is actually 320kbps...looking at the waveform, everything looks quite loud. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it would be interesting to me to see what this looks like (and sounds like) at a higher sampling rate and bit depth. (So maybe you could PM me with a sample of a WAV at the highest possible resolution.) Overall I hear clipping throughout the whole track. It all just sounds scratchy to me.

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