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Who else would love to play Guitar Hero to OC ReMix?


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Personally I would love to see a version of Guitar Hero which uses remixes from this site. It's not as though there aren't enough rocking songs and hell it may be far easier to get the rights to the songs since I don't think most of the re mixers here don't have a crew of lawyers and a record label to go through, it would be a simple asking for permission and the songs are already in digital form which would make it all the easier to transcribe.

I could understand people not wanting to sell their music off to some game company but as just an idea, I'd love to play Fire Cross, Acrophobia or Time Punks on Guitar Hero. On a real guitar too no less but I'll have to wait until I start taking lessons here first before trying out mimicry by ear.

What I also envision for the game would be for a second player to play the game in the background as the song goes. It wouldn't be the full game, just a minor demo, maybe a specific battle or an area and they would attempt to beat their own speed records as they play and they could get boosts from the guitar player when star power is activated such as invincibility, free items or a healing effect. Or you could let a computer take control of the guitar playing and simply play all the short scenarios in the game.

Levels could be divvied up by genre or in some cases by a specific game since Final Fantasy for one has enough Remixes featuring guitar for it to be worthwhile. Of course all of this is far more likely on hacked versions of the game, but I like to think that such a game would be very popular, and certainly would be different enough to possibly pump some new life into Guitar Hero and may attract some people who would want to play just the scenarios (of which there would be enough to make it's own game) and leave out the guitar portion while those who want new songs would get just that.

Anybody else think that this idea has some merit or should I just spend my free time learning how to use Cubase so I can finally make that Remix of the Populous intro theme I've been wanting to do for years?

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True enough, but I have looked into that too and you need a modded Playstation as well as some programs or a hacked game such as Guitar Zero but I'm talking about a legit proper game, and you wouldn't be able to add in the whole potential idea of mini missions for the game in the background.

Even if someone else did that for every song on OCReMix, it wouldn't be the same and would likely lack the professionalism of a proper game, also lacking the popularizing of the site itself which I would like to see because it may bring in more talent. Already almost third of my music collection comes from this site and it's definitely some of the best stuff I have and I guess I want to see it out there in the mainstream. Certainly way better than much of what you would hear on the radio.

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You can do this pretty damn easy with the PC version of Guitar Hero 3. There are tools out there and it takes about 2-3 minutes to add a song in there so it takes a little to add a whole batch of songs but once you are just adding singles its pretty damn easy.

I recorded a couple remix customs using fraps and they can be seen here:

http://www.vimeo.com/763002 (virt - My Frequency is 140.85)

http://www.vimeo.com/764007 (SnappleMan - Break the Silence)

and not a remix, but VGM releated..

http://www.vimeo.com/765900 (Black Mages - Vamo'Alla Flamenco)

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