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pixietricks WINS OurStage March finals: zircon in 3rd, sgx in 4th! Thanks all :D


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According to this message Zircon and Jillian will be recieving some cool promotions, and suprisingly we are included.:) We have no idea what the promotions involve though.

Check it out.

OurStage is making fans, and our artists must be praised

"Last week we issued a serious challenge to our artists: Recruit your fans to join OurStage and we’ll give props to the tops with awesome promotionals. This list of elites rose to the occasion and brought fans in droves. It helps us. It helps them. Check them out, then emulate them by making fans of your own, please"

Link: http://www.ourstage.com/profile/danielpalmer/posts

Interesting - apparently zircon and pixie both didn't have as many fans as those others, yet still came up well at the end. Goes to show that a good number of people voted on merit as well.

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