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Gerudo Valley WIP


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This is interesting stuff! A nice take on the gerudo theme. Personally, I dont care how many gerudo themes there are or will be.. but they all better be good!

Im not too sure about the wierd wistling thingies at the beginning.

Maybe switch em with a flute or something? Also, this seems quite repetetive, for 1:15. At 1:00, the melody should change.. though these are simply suggestions.

The quality seems just fine. And it progresses and build very well.

As you said, this is still a wip, and I expect there is more good stuff to come. :-P

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Chord disagreement around 0:23.

It seems way too slow paced, and I feel the intro could be expanded.

The pace should pick up at least at 0:30, I was expecting the song to go much faster and become much livelier but it ended up being the same speed as the beginning. Tempo does not need to be sped up, needs more energy overall imo. However I do like the section at 1:00+. Course it's a WIP, so hard to tell how it's going to come out at this point.

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It feels like it's being held back. The filter on the clap-like sound, the overall softness despite fairly powerful drums (unpowerfully processed).

I like the arrangement, but I'd prefer if it'd be let loose. Almost a minute of this soft stuff and almsot throughout the feeling that it's soon gonna break out... Which it doesn't. You should either rework it so it feels like it's as tough as it gets while still being soft - or let it loose. Your call.

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