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[ALBUM] Binster - Abandoned - free download


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Heh, cheers Hy Bound :) Glad it's still ticking the box!

Binster news!

I've updated abandonedsheep.com and soundcloud.com/binster with all the various mixsets I've completed so far, to compliment all the music I've completed so far :)


There are two new remixes coming out from me, one will be on Re:Connect Recordings and is of a classic track from their catalogue, and the other will be on a new label, of a new track from a new artist. More info as and when.

Work continues on album number 2 :D


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Sorry people, but I took the download offline. A couple of reasons for this -

1) I shall be sending it to labels and that, and having a downloadable version of it online may cause issues.

2) Track 11 (Survival Instinct) is commercially available right now, and the downloadable version that was up previously had a shortened edit of the track. The streaming version - http://www.abandonedsheep.com/album - has the full length track on there. It's the album, the way it was meant to be :D

I'll keep this thread updated with news about the album.



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