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Castlevania: SOTN Medley


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[X] Too loud

[X] Too quiet

[X] Low-quality samples

[X] Drums have no energy

PERSONAL COMMENTS (positive feedback, specifics on checklist criticisms, any other thoughts)

The issues I have with this piece are entirely from a production standpoint. I don't have a ton of knowledge when it comes to SOTN (heretic, I know), but other CV games? Know 'em front and back.

That was just some background info on my CV tune knowledge and doesn't really apply much. On the too loud/too quiet note, it's not so much a "too quiet" thing as it is a "too loud" thing -- the main synth just seems too loud and drowns out seems to be going on in the background. The flanging or whatever that is is nice when used in moderation (as is done in the piece), so no complaints there.

Drums have absolutely no energy. Get rid of those claps, please. They drag what is otherwise a solid track down, despite the fact that they're not there for very long. Upon my first listen, I heard the claps and thought to myself "uggggggggggggggggh".

For "low quality samples" it's mostly just the main synth (the lead sound starting at :16). Everything else seems top knotch.

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this would get a 5/5 at VG Mix at the least methinks :D. Production issues aren't my forte so I can't really comment there. I think this has a great groove, a smooth flow and is cohesive - so you got that working for you. I think the lead synth at the 2:00-ish part could be a bit more interesting though, like make it a synth that kinda pitch bends between notes or something, or maybe try layering it with another to make it fatter :D

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The claps aren't that bad in my opinion, they just need to be fuller in sound and less "weak" sounding. The bigger issue is that the overall beat and rhythm stay consistent throughout the whole song. Yes the percussion changes, but it is hardly noticeable, so it feels the whole song plays the same beat. If you really pronounce the melody and harmonies, I think you can hide that though.

The melody is sometimes played by a delayed synth or one that is way too wimpy to play melody. This is especially true at around 1:50+, the melodic synth is way too weak and the song loses a lot of power at that point. I'd say either boost the middle-high EQ's of that synth, stack orchestral strings onto it (on an octave), or to change it completely.

Now for the happy comments.. I think your atmosphere is really well done, so no tweaking needed there. Good integration of tunes from SotN, best Castlevania made yet imo. Transitions are well done, and I enjoy the end fadeout. Despite my comments, I feel it could make it with some tweaks. So keep at it.

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