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So.. Anybody live in minneapolis?


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MOA is worth seeing at least once for the people watching. Random tourists + blinged-out teenagers is a great combo.

If you are a cultural type theres museums and stuff that are good, but meh.

Spend as much of your super-valuable Canadian currency as you can on stuff, you can probably get some great deals. :-)

edit: omg i forgot valleyfair and it's like 2 min from my house :P

great rollercoasters there, especially the 2 newest ones.


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haha, yea I'm going with my parents to meet some family there (who is from NY, we are meeting half way). Ive been to the MOA once, and it was pretty sweet. lol, my parents made a big list of stuff to buy cause canadian money = <3 :P.

Also, 20,M,Winnipeg? :P lol

Yea, also, I'm not really a roller coaster type of guy. I'm afraid of heights.. or moreso roller coasters. I'm one of those people that calculates every possible thing that can go wrong, and it freaks the heck out of me :P.

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Minneapolis is kind of a second home, but I haven't been there in a couple months. I live in Fargo though.

I can't think of any big places of interest. The MOA isn't really that amazing to me. If you want to check out an arcade / bar, you could hit up GameWorks in the downtown area. Kind of a neat place.

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hmm cool. I'll keep that in mind.

Note: I'm staying in fargo tonight :P. Half way point.

Damn. And I'm heading out of town at 6 or so tonight to help install a Dolby system in a movie theater. Where are you staying at in town? I pretty much live right off Main Ave and University.

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