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  1. I'm starting to view these HD remakes as a sign that developers are in dire need of cash. Understandably so, given how piracy and used-game sales have cut into profits. That said, I enjoyed FFX a lot (got the international version and everything), so I hope they add a lot of features. Upgraded textures alone isn't enough, and who really gives a shit about trophy support? I won't pay again for content I already own.
  2. Not only did I get to play the demo at the Tokyo Game Show, I got to play it against Jillian herself! She packs a mean Ivy! I'm mega excited about this. It's like they went in with the mindset "Everything must be gorgeous" instead of "all female costumes must be absurd"
  3. You haven't played it yet, clearly.
  4. Time for some reactionary en masse pirating.
  5. Bullet hell shooters bring back an old eye twitch
  6. It's good, but nothing quite earth shattering for me.
  7. I was thoroughly entertained. Well played Arch. Well played.
  8. Applying logic and reason to discern Zeality's purpose is like trying to use quantum physics to figure out why I had sex with your mom.
  9. Oh cool. I didn't know the story behind its development, so I'm surprised to hear one of our own's involved. Props bro.
  10. Hm, mono refers to a general category, doesn't it? Like, food and drink (tabemono and nomimono). You may consider the word koto こと - 事 instead, since it has the connotation of the singular. saikou no koto shitteru ka? さいこうのことしってるか? Don't forget the question particle, ka か at the end You may consider sticking a "you" pronoun like anata あなた or kimi きみ in there somewhere, too. What you use depends on the kind of feel your song's got. A more romantic, ballad-y song would be better off with kimi, as anata can be pretty distancing.
  11. That track makes me jizz in my pants
  12. You mean this one right? I think that was Bummerdude's work. It seems I have a thing for awesome blondes.
  13. I live in Osaka. I can throw a rock and hit an arcade.
  14. with a 1:18 ratio, I'll stand by my statement, thanks.
  15. It's about time we got some guilty defendants in here dammit.
  16. Fenrir

    O the horror!

    What you're basically saying is that the genre has jaded you. Take off the rose-tinted glasses.
  17. Are you seriously still here fixing a mistake and bumping your thread (which is a good indicator that nobody gives a shit about your harping) are not the same. the edit button does one, and the other pisses people off.
  18. Two trailers. Two. TWO. How can you even tell? Also, can we please shut up about the Zodiac Spear thing? Yes, it was stupid and arbitrary and retarded and EVERY MORON HAS TO BRING IT UP ANY TIME SOMEONE MENTIONS XII. We get it already.
  19. Looks graphically fantastic, but since when did we expect anything different? What I was really impressed with was the way the combat system flows. Definitely a step up from XII, which I think did a pretty good job making battles less stop-and-go. I don't know where people get off being like, "Oh jeez looking a lot like FFVII in here" when we've seen all of two trailers.
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