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Sonic the Hedgehog 'Green Hill Zone' - please give feedback.

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I noticed I haven't posted on this thread. Probably because you got loads of feedback from other people, and I'm dissin' the popular threads.

Toms sounds well mixed, but they're bad samples imo, at least in their higher range. The high-range synth pad thing you're using for the occasional backing melody has a too long release, too long delay time, or that part is just too far up in the frequency range - they seem higher than the hats and crashes. Routing the cutoff to the volume nvelope might solve it, or setting a higher high frequency absorbtion on the delay (if it has something like that, something to start cutting the higher range delays).

Track is varied, source is obvious, so you're probably in the green (no pun intended) when it comes to source. I really like the melody variations a bit after 3 mins, sounds a bit mega man-ish, or at least what I've come to associate with the mmx series.

Toms are my biggest crit, them and the high-range pad delay (also at 0:36 wher it goes on a bit too far a bit too loud). Slightly ticky hihats that feel a bit too centered. On the other hand, the whole track feels like it's leaning left, so see if you can stereo-spread the hats (like pan them more to the left, and give them a faint stereo echo to cover the extremes). Everything else feels fairly well panned, tho.

A bit of clutter before 2:30, you might want to tone down some of the more melodic backing there. The lead (not the one pretending to be a guitar) at 2:4X, the second iteration of the arpeggio intro and the melody... we've heard it, and it sounds a bit too primitive. Try replacing it with any of the many other leads/melody instruments you've had. Some synths sounding a little too simple (some of them sound great that way, especially the guitar-ish leads).

Anyway, there's my crits and thoughts. This is no doubt another Willrock wonder, but it's not awesome yet.

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