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Where The Hell Is The Delay Compensation In Fl 8????

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Ok I found it. God FL's delay compensation sucks nuts. How do zircon and sixto get around this crap? Do they use a different DAW now days? Reaper is looking better every day. Does anyone have any macros or workflow tips for getting around this !@$%@.

Right now I have to bus everything not being delayed through a delay. Then when I change fx plugins, I am fcked. I wish it were auto. Reaper is my mixing and routing program now. FL's piano roll and event editor is the only thing holding me to it. I might sell my copy of FL and save for Sonar/just use reaper. Does Sonar have a good event editor? (I know it has a good piano roll or so I've heard). I know the piano roll and event editor in reaper aren't prize hens. (unless I am using them wrong)

Is there anyway to set the pitch bend to 2 up 12 down in sonar or reaper?

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Simple answer, use a different Effect, (no need to get overcomplicated in most cases, FL Reverb should work for most things) Or, if you simply must use that effect, then just record the pattern and put it in as an audio clip and move it to counter delay.

I fail to see how using a different host could help matters at all, if it needs a delay, it needs a delay no matter which host you're using. You could (if you needed to) have a seperate insert for your non delayed tracks and route the other inserts into that one (and not the master) then just set the delay on that insert to match that of the delay of the effect. You can do this using the delay box on the bottom left of the mixer insert effects chain box. Good luck.

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I really don't understand what's so bad about FL's delay compensation.

There is a very understandable section on it in the help file, which is one of the resources you really should check more often.


In the help file, there is a step-by-step description on how to deal with delay.

#1 - Select a channel which does not contain the delayed plugin

#2 - Choose 'set from' and select the channel which does contain the plugin

#3 - Route the channels that are unaffected by the plugin through the channel you selected

Hardly something I'd consider switching DAW over.

If you remove the delay-causing plugin later on, you can always just go to the channel with set delay and press Reset (see image).

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It would be nice if it was done automatically. It is very tedious to do it by hand when you have, say 4 plugins with different delays and you have to route every track that doesn't have a delay through a delayed mixer channel. It is certainly doable, create 4 mixer tracks and route the nondelayed channels to them, just takes away from the fun of making music, especially knowing that every other host does it automatically w/ "auto pdc on" and "auto pdc off" button.

Here's my problem with the current method of pdc (plugin delay compensation) -

For example, mixer track 1 is delayed by 0ms or not delayed, mixer track 2 is delayed by 3ms, both sending to mixer track 3 which is delayed by 5ms. Normally this would be taken care of automatically, but here is how it has to be done.


Find the biggest delay path - 8ms (5ms + 3ms) Now delay everything else to equal 8ms of total delay.

Delay mixer track 1 by 3ms since it is routed to track 3 which delays an additional 5ms.

Create new mixer track and send all other mixer tracks to this one. Delay this track by 8ms.

Notice how this procedure is very algorithmic, something that would be ideal for a computer to do automatically. Every other DAW does it automatically.

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yes, using a plugin such as that will be delayed on any program you use, and eat up cpu. fruity defaults work just as good in most cases and should be used to save cpu. also, ive never had any problems with the delay compensation. fl is great with that.

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