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  1. The closest you'll get to FL is probably going to be LMMS. It has some basic synthesizers, and if you're on a 32-bit platform, you can get some VSTs working through wine. http://lmms.sourceforge.net/
  2. I really don't understand what's so bad about FL's delay compensation. There is a very understandable section on it in the help file, which is one of the resources you really should check more often. In the help file, there is a step-by-step description on how to deal with delay. #1 - Select a channel which does not contain the delayed plugin #2 - Choose 'set from' and select the channel which does contain the plugin #3 - Route the channels that are unaffected by the plugin through the channel you selected Hardly something I'd consider switching DAW over. If you remove the delay-causing plugi
  3. I think you've misunderstood what he wants to achieve. He wants his pitch wheel to go one octave down when he moves it from the center-position to the lowest position, and only two semitones up when he moves it from center-position to the highest position. In other words, he does not want even changes between the highest and lowest positions of the pitch wheel. However, I still agree that there is no need for advanced maths here. Simple fractions and conditionals will do. There are two ways to do this. One is to fill the exact pitch-range of 14 semitones (12 down, 2 up) or to use part of a 24
  4. I remixed this song a while back, but the only place I ever submitted it to was R:TS. RTS-link: The Final Showdown @ R:TS Or: The Final Showdown @ my own hosting Enjoy. Or not. I dunno. Here, have a cookie!
  5. Whoops, almost forgot that I actually need to post the thingy somewhere. http://doragonryuujin.googlepages.com/Dragonlord_-_LS_-_Tiny_Yellow_Fish.mp3 in lack of a better place to host it
  6. The answer to your problem is really very simple. The MIDI-specs define this thing called a Program Change. (Often called Patches, at least when dealing with GM or soundfonts). Most midi-keyboards already have buttons to select various the various programs (instruments) available, and FL responds to that out of the box, no extra automation or mapping is needed. If your keyboard is programmable, you will probably be able to make the buttons send program changes to predefined programs as well, so that you won't have to go through several programs to find the one you want.
  7. I rarely crawl out of the shadows of OCReMix to post anything anywhere, but this calls for posting, just because of how awesome this is. Really nice work with the "totally wacky time signature" - makes me want to experiment with various strange time signatures myself. All in all a solid and good remix which, as mentioned, would be absolutely great on Halloween. Keep up the good work. *fades back into the shadows of lurking*
  8. This remix is some of the best work I've heard in ages. It's the kind of remix that makes me ashamed of the stuff I make, because this is simply an outstanding remix. Is this what can be classified as an eargasm? Great work, DiscoDan! Hoping to hear more from you in not too long.
  9. I'm sorry to say so, but i've never played RCR. Anyway: Mazedude, keep up the good work! Please? This is AWESOME!!! If it ever disappears from my Hard-drive, it's because i wore it out.
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