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Donkey Kong Country 2 'Roller Disco Coaster'


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First of all, the track you've decided to remix is in my opinion a very hard one to remix. That being said, unfortunately I think this mix has many, many problems that doesn't make it sound very good. I'll list some of them here:

-The very beginning sounds good enough, but the...whatever it is that comes in at 0:06 sounds is just wrong. It just sounds fake, and I don't even know what it's supposed to be. You could try some nice strings here, perhaps.

-At 0:26 there's a weird note that just pops up from nowhere. The instrument is not heard afterwards (I think?) so it seems a bit random.

-Drums lack punch

-I see you've tried to recreate the "ghastly sound" at 0:40, but it doesn't work. It sounds like my grandmother moaning. Even the original sounds better, though I don't really see why the moaning should be there at all. It just sounds kinda silly.

-The sound that comes in at 0:54; that I like! It sounds C64ish to me. That's a plus.

-Though at the same time I'm hearing that the bass could be a bit crunchier.

-1:07 break sounds good, though it would work even better if it really started to build up speed here (not talking about tempo)

-The solo sample used in 1:35 and onwards could be a bit better. Also there was no "kaboom solo segment in your face" moment here that I was hoping for (related to previous comment)

-The thing that starts at 2:01 sounds really awkward and out of place. Do not want.

-The sample used in 2:14 is OK. The solo starts off smoothly, but the rest of the solo could be better. It seems...careful somehow, when it should go all over the place. It is a roller coaster after all. Now it's mostly in the mid range.

-The part at 2:42 is likeable in a weird way, however when it comes to that regular beat after that, I'm feeling you're running out of ideas at this point.

-The ending is kind of a lackluster and seems really simple. No fireworks there neither...

So, as you can see there's a whole lot of stuff that need to be addressed in the mix. Also, I might point out that this mix is quite close to the original. There were solos and stuff yes, but still. The mix also lacks general punch and in-your-face attitude I think it should have. Now, the mix seems very tame. This roller coaster ride was really slow, quite boring, and very straightforward. Sorry. :(

Now, how to fix these issues? I'm no untz expert so it's hard to say sample-wise, but what I think is most important, is to add more of your own elements and more originality to the mix. The year is 2008, and the original was made in the mid-90's(?) so you don't have to follow the original that closely. Imagine you're on the roller coaster when you're listening to your song; make it seem wild. Maybe you'll come up with an idea on how to accomplish that. Also, try to find better samples. Most of them sounded bad.

</my two centipedes>

edit: also, I might add in conclusion, that I totally respect your attempt on this mix. The original is one of my favorite tracks in DKC2.

edit2: one more edit: the song had no file extension for some reason or another when I loaded it from mediafire, so people out there if you want to listen to the song add .mp3 to the file name.

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:tomatoface:Interesting... not what expected, sounds just fine on my ipod, but you're right, it could be better in some places and doesn't really match the roller coaster itself. Thank you Diseased, now if my song does get rejected, I now know why and will take your thoughts into consideration and work on this piece a bit more. Since I'm 17 with not much formal musical training and just getting into it, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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No problem man, I know how hard it is at the beginning because there's so much new stuff to learn. However, beware that becoming a pro takes A LOT of time and dedication. Heck, I'm almost 23 and I'm learning new stuff every time I compose something. But if you don't get discouraged, you'll find the hobby very satisfying and fun. You're also still young, so you got nothing to worry about.

edit: Also, good luck on the 3d replica!

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Hah, another 17-year-old, nice!


Yeah, this is a pretty bad lead-ish sound you got going. I like the little square-things going on though, it'd be sweet if you had them become more and more intricate as it built up. There also isn't enough of a build-up in this section, may I suggest a noise-sweep? The entire thing in general sounds a bit cheap, but there is a nice little house stab thing going on in the background that sounds great, if you didn't have it hit as much (like maybe once every 2 bars or something) but doused it in reverb and made it have a long tail it may sound nice.


This section sounds nice, the bassline is cheap-sounding but it works remarkably well. The little gating thats going on is nice for adding an extra layer. The drums could definitely be more driving, if I were you I'd add some 909 layering to it. Just as general advice, when in doubt, add a 909, its like magic. So yeah, throw on another 909 kick to give the bass more oomph and add a snare and compress that sucker to give it pop.


A nice little break-off to keep this from getting too stale, but you could have gone on so much further. I'm waiting for some massive saw-based bastard to come in and start tearing this mix apart, especially during the little splicing breakdown. Also, during this breakdown, I'd go as insane as possible with what you have. Monster leads, Ed Banger-esque sampling (Like Justice or SebastiAn), glitching, whatever. Something to give this mix bite.


Back through the courses, the bassline is kinda getting old now. By now we've gone through a lot of great opportunity but haven't really exploited it enough. I like the little lead but it would've been nice to hear it with something aside from a basic square lead.


This little pad thing that comes is the start of something I wish you did more often. Its leading into promise but never does anything.


Its not a terrible mix by any means, or even a bad one. Its just kinda, remarkably average. Nothing jumps out from it and grabs my attention. Though the wooshing is nice throughout it, its not enough to sell it. Some of my suggestions may lead you to take this down a road you don't want to go down - and thats fine, some of my suggestions were really just personal preference. But what I really want to hear is something that sets this mix apart from others, something that has a distinct "PanManDan" touch to it.

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To be honest, I like this remix. I like the feel of it, and smooth sound it has. But I agree that on several points it could be better. The ghosty sound at 0:41 really is kinda...wtf. It is brief enough and followed up by a strong enough sound that I don't mind it too much...but it kinda throws me off.

I like it. But it's too subdued. That "punch" that Diseased talks about really needs to get in there. It's like riding in a car with friend who refuses to speed. You'll get where you need to be, and have a good time, but sometimes you just want to (or need to) kick it up.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad, but I put the song on the background, and unknown to me, winamp was on repeat, so I heard the track like 4 times without realizing it. It has good flow and a consistent sound, but it all feels kinda "samey" at the same time.

Anyways, that's my amateur opinion. Kudos on taking this on, making a pretty good remix, then throwing it the wolves (us) like this. It is a learning experience, and you're on the right track. Rock on!

DJ Metal

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8-OWow, thank you all, your feedback is greatly appreciated. I am currently planning on making a Roller Disco Coaster 1.5 with more stuff in it since you guys seem to like songs to be real complexed, that is IF the judges reject this one.

Edit: The ghost/grandma/wolf or whatever you guys think it is at :41 is supposed to be an electric guitar:lol:, but I'll see if I can find something better.

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